Nov 29, 2009

Darren the Fahtty


Aneeways, I'm so tired today. I didn't get my daily dose of Phoenix Wright and i did absolutely nothing today. It was so horrible. :P Owell, anyways, remember we have to give thanks. :) Okay anyways, I realized that being thankful is just more than just saying the simple words of thank you :O its like expressing gratitude that you are really thankful for being on the earth. Hmmmm it takes some pondering to think. :)
I knows that i dids not writes on my blogs on :)
Oh anyways, I am at Darren's house and I just saw him loose a bid on ebay. I roflmaoed. Okay anyways, after i roflmaoed i looked at the final bid. 180.00 for dented cymbal and he wanted to bid 127.99. It was a fat n ugly ppiece of trash, but he still wanted it. how revolutionary. i knows rite? Darren's being a fatty and he's doing stuff. I'm falling asleep soon.
its been awhile :D expect great things from a awkward boi

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