Feb 28, 2010

I don't wear Red and Vlog #2

I don't like red but it looks good with black, no? Pshaw.
Anways, this is a random vlog.
The MRI went okay :/
Worse than I expected tho.
Results later....

Feb 21, 2010

I have found the bad part about vlogs

and that is when you're crying, you should never do a vlog. Nobody wants to see you cry in front of a camera and spew out words that you don't even know what your talking about. Yeah, today my dad was being a complete arse, and this is really biased. But the problem that was caused is NOT BIASED at all. I'm sorry to say this, but any human being with good eyesight could've seen what was wrong with my dad's logic. I was using firefox and i opened my downloads window. The firefox and downloads icon on the task tray look EXACTLY alike right? Anyways, I was looking at my brother's draft, and I asked my dad if there was something wrong with the printer, because I wanted to print the final copy. Anyways, my dad comes in, and think my download tab was actually Maplestory -_- He gets pissed. He had thought I didn't play that game, and I didn't ATM, but I proved him wrong by clicking on it. And then he tries to validate his point by yelling (i'm pretty shure it was yelling cuz he def. raised this voice) and said that I still have the game installed onto my computer. Big Whoop. I asked my dad why he had to yell at such a simple matter, I'm really 15 centimeters (ASIANESS) away from him. I could hear him whisper what he wanted to say. And that's when he got rage. His voice got like 5 times louder, and he was like
HOW WAS THAT YELLING? Wrong move for Leon, yes and no. I like arguements, but I don't like them with my dad, here's a simple flow chart

Leon is right -> Dad somehow finds a way to make him say he's wrong in a very small contradiction -> Dad manages to use that and starts tearing on me -> Dad hits me -> Dad makes me apologize -> Dad wins arguements

Leon is wrong -> Dad takes 80 hours to find what was wrong (or sometimes (most) I admit my wrong) -> Dad hits me -> Dad makes me apologize -> Dad wins arguement

I love to argue, but I hate argueing in a Win Win situation. Okay tears are dried up. After that I started talking to my mom, and she said I havve to look beyond his bad parts. When I was thinking of my dad, I only thought of his bad parts (which are quite innumerable) and I just showed a bad part of me. I like to bash on people, though I don't do it that badly. What I love about my dad? Hmmmmmmm all I could think of waS:
  1. He's God's creation
And that's all that matters. Love your neighbors as thy self. Isn't that correct? I guess I hafta look past his imperfections. But then Satan will most definetly taunt you one way or another, like he did with me. I recalled the time on the way home with church, I was riding on the car with him, just the two of us. He's not my fav. person in the family (again i'm being mean sorry :P) but I dealed. I rememberd that my mom told me to be very kind to him for he needed to get a job. We talked about alot of things in the time frame of 5 minutes. I was kinda enjoying it actually. We were talking about how I could've learned how to play the guitar before I learned the bass which I really wanna do. I also told him how sorry I was for losing 40 dollars, and he (one of his habits) would build the I'm right your wrong point off of something that he never said to me. Though he never told me to not keep my money in my cloth pockets tucked away into my suitcase, I let this one slide because I didn't really wanna upset my dad. Satan recalled this moment into my head. And I told me dad that I was talking to him this evening just because mom told me to because I would NEVER have an intention to talk to him. Bad choice Leon. minus 1500 life points. By that I meant dad didn't talk to me, and I felt I won the arguement..... with Satan's help. Taht's definetly not what I wanted to do. I need to apologize to my father for he truly is the victor of this arguement. Why? He's old and he's getting older. His ears and eyes are malfunctioning. It happens with old people. So, I might've lost my voice yelling at him, but its better to get rid of that guild that I won the arguement. My dad deserves to win. He deserves a golden star next to his name on God's list. Just kidding. Not that much. I'll be praying for him

Can you guys please pray for me
  • Leon needs to read the bible more
  • Leon needs to focus on Jesus more
  • Leon needs to overcome addictions
  • Leon needs to understand his actions
  • Leon is getting an MRI tommorow
  • Leon is feeling sick
Wow that was alot. But thank you.
God bless

Feb 17, 2010

Vlog #1: Feb 17

Vlogs are easier sorry

Feb 3, 2010


Okay, so I discovered this ridiculous website called formspring.me and I made an acc.
Access it here (http://www.formspring.me/Lahyon)
And I got tons of questions on the first few days
which was REALLY cool :)
But some of the questions got progressively worse each day:
  • why do u like watching ppl die?(well its kinda my problem)

  • do u hate anyone? if so who.


  • lady gaga is sexy

  • you like fish sticks?

  • Hi. This is God.

oh and btw,
I think I need to start reading the bible more.
then i can get the hang of it


Achieved from: January 31, 2010

Time: 10:26 PM

Okay, so I’ve been listening to this song called Wedding Dress and I think I’m gonna begin learning how to play the song so just wait and see. Hahaha. Okay anyways, I’m gonna clean me room in a day or so. :/ It’s actually quite messy. Yay, today we had a speaker who talked about Special and Natural Revelation. Special relates to what God do or something personal to us which is like sending his only son Jesus Christ for us and Natural revelation relates to things about science. By science (natural revelation) he mean like photosynthesis and like the human body. What struck me was to release how intricate the design of the world was, so much that even scientists won’t rule out the fact that there exists a different force that may or may not have impacted the creation of the world. Apparently, God is moving the world and moving pretty fast throughout the world. I think that God has finally shown himself to people. But now people are starting to place natural revelation in front of special revelation, when its really supposed to be the other way around, according to our guest speaker. Sorry about any grammar or spelling errors there may be because I kinda am rushed under a time limit. So I was thinking, first of all, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PIECES Of INFO TO TAKE IN? But then I reflected and I kind got most of it stuck into my head. J So I finally got the chance to sit down and meditate, then I remembered something else. During Sunday school when I was munching on a delicious lemon bar that Eugenia (Mac’s Wife) made, the man in the video met a woman who was a widower because he husband died and has been praying to God for one ever since. She is around 45 and she lives in Cali. She prays to God and finds out one day she wishes to be a blessing to those around her. Everyday, she goes to work, which is an ER room where she sees patients dying in her arms. She decided to be a blessing to those dying in their arms and when she is, the patients ask her why is she doing this. Never has she failed to spread to the gospel to the dying people, and they were all willing, not forced. I find that hard to believe, but if what he said really was the truth, that’s pretty darn amazing. Seriously. Think about it, think about all the lives she saves every day and what a great missionary she is. She has placed God’s priority over her. Sorry, was that even related at all? Probably not, but wanted to share my day at church with you. What happened next…. Oh that’s right!!!!! Snow retreat meeting! It was okay, and apparently I didn’t hafta help out with skits anymore, which took a load of my back because I still needto be at church early for A/V. I’m gonna find everything with Matthew the night of? I think. I don’t remember. But anyways, prioritize prioritize! School tomorrow so I need to go to sleep. Goodnight stalkers J Though its January, happy February! SNOW RETREAT IN 2 WEEKS. AIDGHIAPWEHGAWPGHWIAGHPB:KGBBG:IB:GB excited. Yay. Anyways, I need to stop playing video games for a while and play piano. Dun dun dun Quiet Bible Study Time J

Goodnight all.