May 22, 2010


Sorry I didn't post this earlier ><
If you make a tumblr, please tell me your link and your name
Weekly updates btw

Mar 17, 2010

Making a new blog

I wannw make my own website
lets see
i'm thinking of names

having trouble
HGSS came out, working on SS
Its fun, gameplay a bit dff from colour ver.

short blogpost
pray for baptism and my testimony
i still don't know if i'm 100% on baptismn
i really want to do it
i don't no if god would think or not
Please pray

i've been

Feb 28, 2010

I don't wear Red and Vlog #2

I don't like red but it looks good with black, no? Pshaw.
Anways, this is a random vlog.
The MRI went okay :/
Worse than I expected tho.
Results later....

Feb 21, 2010

I have found the bad part about vlogs

and that is when you're crying, you should never do a vlog. Nobody wants to see you cry in front of a camera and spew out words that you don't even know what your talking about. Yeah, today my dad was being a complete arse, and this is really biased. But the problem that was caused is NOT BIASED at all. I'm sorry to say this, but any human being with good eyesight could've seen what was wrong with my dad's logic. I was using firefox and i opened my downloads window. The firefox and downloads icon on the task tray look EXACTLY alike right? Anyways, I was looking at my brother's draft, and I asked my dad if there was something wrong with the printer, because I wanted to print the final copy. Anyways, my dad comes in, and think my download tab was actually Maplestory -_- He gets pissed. He had thought I didn't play that game, and I didn't ATM, but I proved him wrong by clicking on it. And then he tries to validate his point by yelling (i'm pretty shure it was yelling cuz he def. raised this voice) and said that I still have the game installed onto my computer. Big Whoop. I asked my dad why he had to yell at such a simple matter, I'm really 15 centimeters (ASIANESS) away from him. I could hear him whisper what he wanted to say. And that's when he got rage. His voice got like 5 times louder, and he was like
HOW WAS THAT YELLING? Wrong move for Leon, yes and no. I like arguements, but I don't like them with my dad, here's a simple flow chart

Leon is right -> Dad somehow finds a way to make him say he's wrong in a very small contradiction -> Dad manages to use that and starts tearing on me -> Dad hits me -> Dad makes me apologize -> Dad wins arguements

Leon is wrong -> Dad takes 80 hours to find what was wrong (or sometimes (most) I admit my wrong) -> Dad hits me -> Dad makes me apologize -> Dad wins arguement

I love to argue, but I hate argueing in a Win Win situation. Okay tears are dried up. After that I started talking to my mom, and she said I havve to look beyond his bad parts. When I was thinking of my dad, I only thought of his bad parts (which are quite innumerable) and I just showed a bad part of me. I like to bash on people, though I don't do it that badly. What I love about my dad? Hmmmmmmm all I could think of waS:
  1. He's God's creation
And that's all that matters. Love your neighbors as thy self. Isn't that correct? I guess I hafta look past his imperfections. But then Satan will most definetly taunt you one way or another, like he did with me. I recalled the time on the way home with church, I was riding on the car with him, just the two of us. He's not my fav. person in the family (again i'm being mean sorry :P) but I dealed. I rememberd that my mom told me to be very kind to him for he needed to get a job. We talked about alot of things in the time frame of 5 minutes. I was kinda enjoying it actually. We were talking about how I could've learned how to play the guitar before I learned the bass which I really wanna do. I also told him how sorry I was for losing 40 dollars, and he (one of his habits) would build the I'm right your wrong point off of something that he never said to me. Though he never told me to not keep my money in my cloth pockets tucked away into my suitcase, I let this one slide because I didn't really wanna upset my dad. Satan recalled this moment into my head. And I told me dad that I was talking to him this evening just because mom told me to because I would NEVER have an intention to talk to him. Bad choice Leon. minus 1500 life points. By that I meant dad didn't talk to me, and I felt I won the arguement..... with Satan's help. Taht's definetly not what I wanted to do. I need to apologize to my father for he truly is the victor of this arguement. Why? He's old and he's getting older. His ears and eyes are malfunctioning. It happens with old people. So, I might've lost my voice yelling at him, but its better to get rid of that guild that I won the arguement. My dad deserves to win. He deserves a golden star next to his name on God's list. Just kidding. Not that much. I'll be praying for him

Can you guys please pray for me
  • Leon needs to read the bible more
  • Leon needs to focus on Jesus more
  • Leon needs to overcome addictions
  • Leon needs to understand his actions
  • Leon is getting an MRI tommorow
  • Leon is feeling sick
Wow that was alot. But thank you.
God bless

Feb 17, 2010

Vlog #1: Feb 17

Vlogs are easier sorry

Feb 3, 2010

Okay, so I discovered this ridiculous website called and I made an acc.
Access it here (
And I got tons of questions on the first few days
which was REALLY cool :)
But some of the questions got progressively worse each day:
  • why do u like watching ppl die?(well its kinda my problem)

  • do u hate anyone? if so who.


  • lady gaga is sexy

  • you like fish sticks?

  • Hi. This is God.

oh and btw,
I think I need to start reading the bible more.
then i can get the hang of it


Achieved from: January 31, 2010

Time: 10:26 PM

Okay, so I’ve been listening to this song called Wedding Dress and I think I’m gonna begin learning how to play the song so just wait and see. Hahaha. Okay anyways, I’m gonna clean me room in a day or so. :/ It’s actually quite messy. Yay, today we had a speaker who talked about Special and Natural Revelation. Special relates to what God do or something personal to us which is like sending his only son Jesus Christ for us and Natural revelation relates to things about science. By science (natural revelation) he mean like photosynthesis and like the human body. What struck me was to release how intricate the design of the world was, so much that even scientists won’t rule out the fact that there exists a different force that may or may not have impacted the creation of the world. Apparently, God is moving the world and moving pretty fast throughout the world. I think that God has finally shown himself to people. But now people are starting to place natural revelation in front of special revelation, when its really supposed to be the other way around, according to our guest speaker. Sorry about any grammar or spelling errors there may be because I kinda am rushed under a time limit. So I was thinking, first of all, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PIECES Of INFO TO TAKE IN? But then I reflected and I kind got most of it stuck into my head. J So I finally got the chance to sit down and meditate, then I remembered something else. During Sunday school when I was munching on a delicious lemon bar that Eugenia (Mac’s Wife) made, the man in the video met a woman who was a widower because he husband died and has been praying to God for one ever since. She is around 45 and she lives in Cali. She prays to God and finds out one day she wishes to be a blessing to those around her. Everyday, she goes to work, which is an ER room where she sees patients dying in her arms. She decided to be a blessing to those dying in their arms and when she is, the patients ask her why is she doing this. Never has she failed to spread to the gospel to the dying people, and they were all willing, not forced. I find that hard to believe, but if what he said really was the truth, that’s pretty darn amazing. Seriously. Think about it, think about all the lives she saves every day and what a great missionary she is. She has placed God’s priority over her. Sorry, was that even related at all? Probably not, but wanted to share my day at church with you. What happened next…. Oh that’s right!!!!! Snow retreat meeting! It was okay, and apparently I didn’t hafta help out with skits anymore, which took a load of my back because I still needto be at church early for A/V. I’m gonna find everything with Matthew the night of? I think. I don’t remember. But anyways, prioritize prioritize! School tomorrow so I need to go to sleep. Goodnight stalkers J Though its January, happy February! SNOW RETREAT IN 2 WEEKS. AIDGHIAPWEHGAWPGHWIAGHPB:KGBBG:IB:GB excited. Yay. Anyways, I need to stop playing video games for a while and play piano. Dun dun dun Quiet Bible Study Time J

Goodnight all.


Jan 30, 2010

Friends are Friends Forever

I was watching Latte Art for awhile but then I started playing Maplestory cuz I was and that is like the only game i Play when I'm sick. Anyways, I have stopped now so I'm not playing ms anymore, but I am now catching up on my studies because I hate getting B's. Yes I got into Yosemite! HOOORAY. I'm cabining with 3 aweshum ppl :D And so yeah. Tell me what its like there. Meh. Anyways, boring intro, meaningful (ish) stories. My friends, i have two friends (one i haven't met irl) who are not having the best time in the world due to their friends. Sadface :/ So I kinda need to cheer them up a little. Both are thinking of suicide and stuff. I don't feel like talking about their stories on here because its their privacy. But, please talk to me when you have time and help me. Friends are friends forever right? :P
I dunno why, but sometimes I hafta agree with Tim Lin, girls are definetly a different race (not nonexsistent *------*)


Jan 21, 2010

Jan 20, 2010

sleepy, twitter&extradition

zomg i'm so sleepy todayy. I needa sleep. time to study for a test. Yay

Okay, I changed my twitter name because people thoughts I was referring to OWL CITY which I was not. hahahahahah
you can now find me here you stalkers:
havefun explorin'

my new youtube username is like um nerdybamboo?
yeah, check me out there.

EXTRADITION + MURDER,8599,1954633,00.html/r:t
Oh man this really freaked me out after reading it so I think i'd like to share it to you all.

GOD i •♥• You?
Yeah, reading the bible is harder when your sick just because I can't read like straight. blehhh
Gah i wish I would stop being so sick all the time hahahahaha
electrical itch eh?

tyler's minor scoliosis
my health
wendy and her school
the weather at California

Jan 19, 2010

The Doubt right before Sin

"Did God really say that?"
"Did God really restrict me to that?"
"Does this time count?"
"Can't I just ask for forgiveness?"
"I think this time doesn't matter."
I caught myself saying one of these today which really sucks. :P

- Tyler for minor scoliosis
- Wendy, her friends are not being so nice
- Dawning and everyone else @ college :)

Jan 17, 2010

[ARCHIEVED FROM 1/17/2010]

The sky isn't always blue, and the sun doesn't always shine. It's alright to fall apart sometimes.
Robert Miles

Yeah, I came back to the Heart of Worship Yesterday and decided that I should write about it.
Oh and everyone who tells me that I'm staying on the comp past 10, the commitment is meant so that I don't mess on Facebook ect. ect.
Remember, I still need time to adjust. 2 more days?
Anyways, I came to God yesterday, broken. I guess my life was falling apart. I thought that my daily routine won't change and I didn't know what I was supposed to do with my life!
Suddenly, my friend Dawning was talking to me.
Then I recollected my thoughts, and focused on God, because she told me one very important thing: I shouldn't be focusing on what I'm going to be doing, I should be letting God take control of my life.
That's what I'm doing wrong!
So I read my favorite verse that goes something like this (forgot the passage, if you know tell me)
Commit to the Lord, and you will be succesful.
(something like that)
I finally decided that I was coming back to the Heart of Worship. I felt like I was renewed this morning and I was moderatley happy with how I come back so easily. God hears me now and I need to do quiet time.
oh, and tommorow's post, its about FEAR OF GOD.
so stay tuneddd
Love from Beyond
Leon and Holy Spirit

Jan 15, 2010

Whining alert.
Today was such a horrible day. I had gone all emo on the world and lost hope that the world was an amazing place. Wow, today really sucked, but maybe I should stop complaining. I'm still alive so I thank the Lord. Does he hear me? I hope so. :)
Complain List
The things I have to complain about. Ignore this if you think I'm a wuss, a pussy, a loser, a retard, an emo, or any other derogatory term to justify me as not an average being. Also, if you hate complaining/whining people who just write stupid crap on their blog, too late, your already reading this.
I dislike....
walking to school (i usually bike)
running with my PE teacher (i was apathetic today)
taking French Tests and failing miserably
having boring teachers, in this stupid stupid life
not caring about my relationship with God and how its dying quickly
my family for being so not understanding (maybe i'm biased, but hear me out later)
cloudy days (i can't control nature, this one was stupid)
my friends and their choices
my life
how people always comment about my hair (a bit nonchalant, but it was overdone today)
playing stupid games with Matthew
getting hurt playing stupid games with Matthew
how people don't apologize
how people don't forgive
how people don't forget
my parents and the words they use to lecture me
my dad's descions and what he says to me.

What I likey about the day:
(Note: If you dislike my happiness you can skip this part)
I went to Kevin's house to do absolutely nothing. that was fun:)
Got to meet my new teacher
saw a girl trip over a rock (it wasn't that funny, but she started bleeding so i felt some sympathy :( )

If your going to leave a comment like:
my response to you:
I don't complain a lot on this blog. Is that bad not to feel happy every once in awhile. sheesshhh.

hmmm about my dad.
On the way home, I was going to tell him a story about the day and then he interrupted me. Feeling as if I should correct him (yes, probably all of oyu are saying, don't correct your parents, you probably don't like me as much now but here goes) i told him that its not nice to interrupt people. And then he said "you interrupted me first." Okay, my fuse is really short with my parents because I expect them to understand at least what i'm tryiing to say. but no. I started arguing, telling him that, I was just telling him something about eating dinner and he keeps on saying: its rude to go to other people's houses to eat dinner.
First of all, i didn't want to eat dinner either, but I guess I was forcefed. Anyways, i told my dad, they kinda made me eat dinner. Now he changes the subject. He said, "well, at our house... blahblahblah." and I told him, "nvm forget about it." and then he kept lecturing me by saying, if your going to talk about a story then you should finish it.
I did not strike back because this would go nowhere. I just didn't talk to him at all. This day was so horrible. Leaving a comment that says "Leon, your being unreasonable and that's from a friend who cares deeply about you... yadayadayada." Okay, but no dice. The next thing that happens: Chinese School. I have stopped chinese school about 2 months and I didn't not that we were restarting till 30 minutes ago. Why? Because my dad tells me and I need to finishh my worksheets that are due tommorow. I didn't know that we were supposeed to do so. My chinese teacher is gonna get piised becauuse she assigned them 3 months ago. I am right now incapable of doiing chinese because I can't type all that well and you know how sleepy I am after telling kids to stop talking, stop talking, stop playing human pinball.
Yes ranting fun!
I argued, can you postpone it? he got so pissed at me, and started telling me, "NOOOOOOOOOO. WE ALREADY SCHEDULEDIT ON THURSDAY!" and i was like, why didn't you tell me thursday, we could've talked about it then.
but no. its so unreasonable to even talk to me about ANYTHING beforehand. Is it really that hard? I hope not.
I know you hear kids always having mission statements
When I grow up i'm gonna be a nice parent.... yadayadayada
you know what.
do the kids ever think before they say what they want to do. i hope so.

its better to
think about
a world as
a thing
that you just hafta live through
god knows where your going
and sometimes
i think he cursed me
with a weird father
don't get me wrong
i still love my father
but sometimes
i think that
he needs to take
  1. constructive criticism
  2. some REASONABLE jokes
  3. and he should definetly listen to tohers.
i think i'm screwed tommorw.
please don't write something like
your a little whining retard
i don't want to read your blog
yes maybe i am and you don't hafta
i'm just saying
today was horrible
and i kinda faced all of life's problems
my daily life felt like a paradox
i do the same things everyday
i feel like
i'm gonna die at a young age.
this was really pointless
have a nice day

Jan 14, 2010

C.o.C Sec1 Clause1

time to make a commitment.
The time that Leon should get off the computer should be no later than 10:00. This being said, let's take this into action for the rest of 8th grade, for the benefit of me.
I need to do quiet times :\
*~&*END OF CLAUSE 1*&~*
heartsdales back again :)
Song of the week
Find Yourself (feat. Sarah Howells) - John O' Callaghan
Review can be found [here]

Jan 11, 2010

Professor Layton Awesomeness

So, if you have never played professor Layton before (for DS), i really recommend it. Around 135 puzzles that are, some obvious, some tricky. :)
Here's I'll put out 6 puzzles and you try to solve it :)

1. There is a blackout so you light 10 candles, but two of the flames blow out when you close the window. At the end of the blackout, how many candles do you have?

Answer: [A number] ____

2. On a 12 hour scale digital clock, how many times will you see three or more of the same numbers in a row?

Answer: [A number] ____

3. What is the last letter of the alphabet?

Answer: [A letter] _____

4. A girl declares: "The Day After Tomorrow, I turn 22, but I was still 19 on New Years Day last year." When is/was her birthday this year?

Answer: [mm/dd/yyyy] __/__/_____

5. A glass jar holds a single germ. In a minute, it divides into two. In two minutes, those two divide into four different germs. It takes an hour to fill the jar. Let say you have two germs in the beginning instead of one. How long would it take then?

Answer: [minutes] _____

6. You have a die. The chances you roll a 3? 1/6 right? The chances you role 2 3's with two dice? 1/36. How bout 3 dice? What are the chances you roll 3 for every single one of the 3 dice? 1/256! Now, what are the chances that you will roll a 3 with the 4th dice?

Answer: __/______


Jan 9, 2010

New Friends

I don't wanna post anything about this person.
That's why this is concise.
The world is packed with lies.
Its not fun to wade through sins without saying anything.
I feel glad that I had said something b4hand.
Made 10 new friends since new years :D
Maybe I should write about them sooner or later :/

Jan 8, 2010

Chocolate Love

So I listened to this song. That's all I'm gonna say about Chocolate Love by Girls' Generation. The music video was so stupid. ><

Jan 7, 2010

the world can be a low place and i'm helping it stay low sometimes

and i think everyone can agree with what I said here today. we live in a world of hypocrites too afraid to fess up their sins. I am one of them. hmmm tell me.
  1. is it bad to lie
  2. is it bad to gossip
  3. have you done either one before
answer no to anyone of those and you are a big liar. the correct answer is yes to all. Yet, i'm pretty sure many of us have said those three questions before to people we want to correct or criticize. that goes without saying, your a hypocrite. everyone is, and in a wider view, no one will change.
we need to become wise and push past these things that make us imposters. I think instead of embracing it daily, learn from what we did wrong and make sure you don't do it again?
do it once, that's bad. do it twice, you knew it was bad. do it three times, you're just having fun now.
stopping at twice is hard, especially with addictions and such, but i think we can all give it a shot.
remember, don't work out this plan on your own.
come to the lord, broken, and tell him about your faults. don't tell him your plans.
1. commit
2. pray
3. tell commitment
4. be glad
rejoice cuz GOD made the day.

Jan 6, 2010

i cried.

i cried a total of 15 times after watching an anime.
uhh.... though its pretty old by now, I still love Clannad.
its an amazingly touching story about a girl named Furukawa Nagisa and
Tomoya Okazaki.
uhh i swore never to cry, and i didn't in the first season. though some of my friends watched it
before, i guess, I never did because it wasn't that sad at all. until I got to season 2, I really thought the anime brought it home with its later episode (like 14~22)
hmmmm i don't want to spoil it and you know this anime is good because I don't usually recommend animes. I actually almost never. but if u wanna read some anime recommendations from a pro like me :), please follow this blog or at least read it:
Its my second blog and basically its not about God and life and such its more about my hobbies. :)
hmmm maybe i should keep track of a list of the times I actually do quiet times from now on. :O
I should really be doing quiet times but its been so busy lately. :|
I have two tests tommorow and a project due on friday and next tuesday. Gotta hustle.
i hope you REALLY start watching this anime soon.
To find the OVA and every episode:
To start from the first episode (don't worry these are subbed :3):
It may seem awkward, but the story has really deep arcs about it and I really really reallly want others to know about it.
i also really want a season 3 of this.
ohbtw, you know your gonna start crying when your eyes water. its hard to take your eyes off :)
oh and also one more thing,
my other blog won't be as active as this one. maybe a long bimonthly post?
hmmm i guess that will doo :)

Jan 5, 2010

language goals

Language Updates:

English: 86%~87% finished :) [8th grade level]
Chinese: 69%~70% finished :) [8~9th grade level]
French: 9%~13% learned :O [1st grade level?]
Japanese: 0%~1% learned :| [not even born]
Korean: 0%~1% learned :| [knows how to count to ten]

*--- Why I wanna Learn Languages ---*
Its fun to know more than others isn't it?
*--- How I'm gonna Learn Languages ---*
High School for French & Chinese, prob. Jap
Korean = friends? I dunno.
*--- Programs Used: ---*
Rosetta Stone (it really blows if you don't have a mic)

So I found this website with like an abundance of the most awesome Pokemon pictures. Though the creator is not done yet with all 493, I still applaud him :)
Its an amazing webbie :3

If these aren't cute in your standards, you have a messed up standard of cuteness.
Anyways its just really adorable. Nothing special
I love pokemon so yah
<3 Leon

Jan 4, 2010


not that fun
teacher hates me, but I just don't like social studies
not that fun, but i'll stick w/ it
I CAN DO IT!!! :)
oh my so harddd (her grading)
fun and exciting


Jan 3, 2010

2010: music, life, and addictions

My addiction to computer and other otherwordly stuff is dying quickly, so I am grateful.
*~-=+§ [M+U+S+I+C] §+=-~*
Piano recital coming up and I'm not prepared well. I didn't even memorize the full song yet. Sheeshh. Its the Venetian Boat Song [part 2] and its hecka bad sounding. Sigh.
Hmmmm, what I have been listening too lately.

m-flo feat. Crystal Kay: I really like/ REEEWIND! I don't really like jap pop and I definetly like hip hop better. Meh. Anyways, yeah, its been a crazy year of great songs, So i'll just write my top 25 songs here. (of 2009 of course)
[Some songs were not made in 2009, but I started listening to the songs in 2009]
1. City On Our Knees - tobyMac
Amazing song, and its very different from the regular tobyMac
Hmm I enjoyed it alot because the lyrics are mellow and fun to listen to

2. Brand New Day - Ryan Star
Apparently, it was the Lie to Me theme songs, but its a very good song. hahaha
The chorus sounds really awesome I think its amazing

3. Miss Murder - AFI
Hmmm, I listened to this song quite a lot. It was a pretty good song in my standards.
My standards are quite high. Hahaha.

4. True Faith - Anberlin
Why I don't like the original one? I never said that. I liked New Order's but
this one was way more upbeat and their voices are amazzing. Hahahaha.

5. Beautiful Ending - BarlowGirl
I listened to this song on K-Love at the end of the year. And I thought
it was a really beautiful song. I couldn't stop listening to this song, and I thought
about the lyrics. Pretty deeply. :) I love God

6. Congratulations (feat. Imogen Heap) - Blue October

7. Anthem of the Angels - Breaking Benjamin
This song is my sleepy song. It has a meaning at least.
I liked it. It was the best in Dear Agony. Give them some slack.

8. Until the Whole World Hears - Casting Crowns
A heckkaa cool song. I liked it
And its very true. God's coming :D

9. Sing, Sing, Sing - Chris Tomlin
And make music with the heavens. Really good song
Almost AS GOOD AS hoc5 :D

10. The Test - The Classic Crime
Yay. For Seattle - EP. Its a nice slow paced acoustic song. I like the guitar
in this song. I don't really like Seattle though.

11. Smile (redOne remix) - Clique Girlz
its a upbeat song. not to shabbay (angeline chen is a disease) :P
hahahahahaha jk
does it hurt when you smileeE?

12. Lovers in Japan - Coldplay
Really nice song that I like. It has beautiful imagery and its
extremely nicely paced. Beautiful Beautiful :)

13. Bad Body Double - Imogen Heap
I wonder why she swore. But its an amazingly catch song *-*
Nobody likes it :(

14. Equilibrium - Jackie Boyz
this is my favorite song of the year probably for the first half. ITS AMAZING

15. Walking on Air - Kerli
This song is the best. I love it soo much and I listen to it like every once in a while.
It actually has a really deep meaning. :) Don't be ashamed of yourself.
Have faith.

16. Dance in the Dark - Lady Gaga
Just Dance? Poker Face? Papparazzi? THAT WAS 2008 PEOPLE!
Dance in the Dark is an amazing song. Though she does swear which totally dissapoints me.
Its about changing ones appearance to fit what others want. This applies to boyfriends vs. girlfriends, artists vs. fame, actors vs. paparazzi, and basically people vs. fame.
Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Sylvia Plath, Princess Diana, BeNet Ramsey have all died because of the fame monster. Dancing in the Dark is to be a freak, no caring about what others think.
13/10 - 2/10 (swearing wayy to much) = 11/10

17. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
How can you not hate/like this song? Its so annoying/cute.
:) opinion changes everytime I listen

18. Forgiven -Skillet
God has truly forgiven us so why not do the same?
Forgive me now cuz I have been unfaithful.
Don't ask me why cuz I don't know.

19. Knock You Down - Keri, Ne-Yo, Kanye
I truly think that this song is weird. I liked this song
because of the beats not the lyrics.

20. You Belong With Me -Taylor Swift
Horrible Lyrics, Horrible Beat, not country, wins awards.
How low can this album get?
The song is catchy, but it sucks. Big Time

21. Shattered - Trading Yesterday
Really nice song to listen to. I really recommend it. Its not christian though.

22. Wild About It - Natalie Imbruglia
Its a laidback song that I like because its so like relaxed
ITs not that bad to listen too.

23. Glorious Mind - ZARD
So sad she died. Info: this was actually a compilation of her unfinished songs so the random lyrics are her singing before she died. The song is really sad and I love to listen to this song to cheer myself up. This is totally my funeral song. :) No sadfaces!~

24. Give You All ~ Untouchable
<3 <3<3 <3 Though I can't stand Korean songs, this song is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I like it alllotttt 10/10 25. Body Rock - Heartdales Well, I know they are long gone. But they were Legends. Heartsdales will be missed. :[ I loved their music after listening to Candy Pop. Its amazing. :) Rum and Jewel.... 11/10 *******************************************************************
Edit: Update Started @ 5:35 1/3/10
My new years resolution? Well it's just to be kinder to my family because if you know me really well, I get really annoyed by my parents and my brother. :) Though this is not the same as not respecting them. I do respect them, and it's getting harder and harder for me. :) So, I'm going to try taking a more direct path and building a stronger relationship with my family.

8th grade. Over soon? Is it a good or a bad thing. People say I will enjoy high school, and college even more. IS that true? Hmmm I don't know, but one thing's for shure. I really hate 8th grade right now. Will my opinion change? ?I don't know. But so far the things that I don't like about 8th grade:
  1. Horrible Teachers
  2. Stupid Projects
  3. Some friends are drifting out of my grasp
Sadly, some of my best friends are drifting away from my grasp. Maybe because I don't talk to them at all? This isn't only school though, social and church life too. Hmmm maybe I should mend my relationships? hahaha. I don't know.

I think I talked about this topic before, but I'm writing about it again for 2010's sake. NO SUCH THING ABOUT 2012. THEY DO NOT HAVE CONCRETE PROOF THAT THIS WILL HAPPEN. I think that this whole concept followed with a stupid innacurate movie will surely motivate the nation to believe in this pandemic event.

Church and AFC.
So far, so bad. Like so bad. "Stop talking, shutup" won't cut it now. Say it any nicely to some people, they'll swear. Hmmm, maybe I should stop pointing it so directly at one person, but when I hear the sermon at AFC now, i feel discord in the consensus that we came to worship God. I dunno. Plus, there are only two guys who actually go on a regular basis to church in my grade that are male. Sighhh.

Pastor Yuji
I'm excited. He's symbolic for ummm hope? I don't know change? Not to get Bracky-Obamay, but seriously, I hope Yuji does a good job to benefit our church. The party was fun btw, my facebook has currently 1 video and it takes forever to uplaod the Michael Teng's song one. hahaha.

Relationship With God
FIRE FALL DOWN. that's all i'm saying.

- Annual Long Post on Life -
Leon Chen


Jan 2, 2010

We Made It

Facebook 31/31
God Bless.
thank you to these people
Kevin Yang
Dawning Wu
Ruth Zhang
Jeremiah Ye
Victor Zhang
Matthew Lin
Joshua Chen
Helen Wang
Grace Wang
+ a l0t moar people