Jan 30, 2010

Friends are Friends Forever

I was watching Latte Art for awhile but then I started playing Maplestory cuz I was and that is like the only game i Play when I'm sick. Anyways, I have stopped now so I'm not playing ms anymore, but I am now catching up on my studies because I hate getting B's. Yes I got into Yosemite! HOOORAY. I'm cabining with 3 aweshum ppl :D And so yeah. Tell me what its like there. Meh. Anyways, boring intro, meaningful (ish) stories. My friends, i have two friends (one i haven't met irl) who are not having the best time in the world due to their friends. Sadface :/ So I kinda need to cheer them up a little. Both are thinking of suicide and stuff. I don't feel like talking about their stories on here because its their privacy. But, please talk to me when you have time and help me. Friends are friends forever right? :P
I dunno why, but sometimes I hafta agree with Tim Lin, girls are definetly a different race (not nonexsistent *------*)


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