Jan 3, 2010

2010: music, life, and addictions

My addiction to computer and other otherwordly stuff is dying quickly, so I am grateful.
*~-=+§ [M+U+S+I+C] §+=-~*
Piano recital coming up and I'm not prepared well. I didn't even memorize the full song yet. Sheeshh. Its the Venetian Boat Song [part 2] and its hecka bad sounding. Sigh.
Hmmmm, what I have been listening too lately.

m-flo feat. Crystal Kay: I really like/ REEEWIND! I don't really like jap pop and I definetly like hip hop better. Meh. Anyways, yeah, its been a crazy year of great songs, So i'll just write my top 25 songs here. (of 2009 of course)
[Some songs were not made in 2009, but I started listening to the songs in 2009]
1. City On Our Knees - tobyMac
Amazing song, and its very different from the regular tobyMac
Hmm I enjoyed it alot because the lyrics are mellow and fun to listen to

2. Brand New Day - Ryan Star
Apparently, it was the Lie to Me theme songs, but its a very good song. hahaha
The chorus sounds really awesome I think its amazing

3. Miss Murder - AFI
Hmmm, I listened to this song quite a lot. It was a pretty good song in my standards.
My standards are quite high. Hahaha.

4. True Faith - Anberlin
Why I don't like the original one? I never said that. I liked New Order's but
this one was way more upbeat and their voices are amazzing. Hahahaha.

5. Beautiful Ending - BarlowGirl
I listened to this song on K-Love at the end of the year. And I thought
it was a really beautiful song. I couldn't stop listening to this song, and I thought
about the lyrics. Pretty deeply. :) I love God

6. Congratulations (feat. Imogen Heap) - Blue October

7. Anthem of the Angels - Breaking Benjamin
This song is my sleepy song. It has a meaning at least.
I liked it. It was the best in Dear Agony. Give them some slack.

8. Until the Whole World Hears - Casting Crowns
A heckkaa cool song. I liked it
And its very true. God's coming :D

9. Sing, Sing, Sing - Chris Tomlin
And make music with the heavens. Really good song
Almost AS GOOD AS hoc5 :D

10. The Test - The Classic Crime
Yay. For Seattle - EP. Its a nice slow paced acoustic song. I like the guitar
in this song. I don't really like Seattle though.

11. Smile (redOne remix) - Clique Girlz
its a upbeat song. not to shabbay (angeline chen is a disease) :P
hahahahahaha jk
does it hurt when you smileeE?

12. Lovers in Japan - Coldplay
Really nice song that I like. It has beautiful imagery and its
extremely nicely paced. Beautiful Beautiful :)

13. Bad Body Double - Imogen Heap
I wonder why she swore. But its an amazingly catch song *-*
Nobody likes it :(

14. Equilibrium - Jackie Boyz
this is my favorite song of the year probably for the first half. ITS AMAZING

15. Walking on Air - Kerli
This song is the best. I love it soo much and I listen to it like every once in a while.
It actually has a really deep meaning. :) Don't be ashamed of yourself.
Have faith.

16. Dance in the Dark - Lady Gaga
Just Dance? Poker Face? Papparazzi? THAT WAS 2008 PEOPLE!
Dance in the Dark is an amazing song. Though she does swear which totally dissapoints me.
Its about changing ones appearance to fit what others want. This applies to boyfriends vs. girlfriends, artists vs. fame, actors vs. paparazzi, and basically people vs. fame.
Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Sylvia Plath, Princess Diana, BeNet Ramsey have all died because of the fame monster. Dancing in the Dark is to be a freak, no caring about what others think.
13/10 - 2/10 (swearing wayy to much) = 11/10

17. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
How can you not hate/like this song? Its so annoying/cute.
:) opinion changes everytime I listen

18. Forgiven -Skillet
God has truly forgiven us so why not do the same?
Forgive me now cuz I have been unfaithful.
Don't ask me why cuz I don't know.

19. Knock You Down - Keri, Ne-Yo, Kanye
I truly think that this song is weird. I liked this song
because of the beats not the lyrics.

20. You Belong With Me -Taylor Swift
Horrible Lyrics, Horrible Beat, not country, wins awards.
How low can this album get?
The song is catchy, but it sucks. Big Time

21. Shattered - Trading Yesterday
Really nice song to listen to. I really recommend it. Its not christian though.

22. Wild About It - Natalie Imbruglia
Its a laidback song that I like because its so like relaxed
ITs not that bad to listen too.

23. Glorious Mind - ZARD
So sad she died. Info: this was actually a compilation of her unfinished songs so the random lyrics are her singing before she died. The song is really sad and I love to listen to this song to cheer myself up. This is totally my funeral song. :) No sadfaces!~

24. Give You All ~ Untouchable
<3 <3<3 <3 Though I can't stand Korean songs, this song is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I like it alllotttt 10/10 25. Body Rock - Heartdales Well, I know they are long gone. But they were Legends. Heartsdales will be missed. :[ I loved their music after listening to Candy Pop. Its amazing. :) Rum and Jewel.... 11/10 *******************************************************************
Edit: Update Started @ 5:35 1/3/10
My new years resolution? Well it's just to be kinder to my family because if you know me really well, I get really annoyed by my parents and my brother. :) Though this is not the same as not respecting them. I do respect them, and it's getting harder and harder for me. :) So, I'm going to try taking a more direct path and building a stronger relationship with my family.

8th grade. Over soon? Is it a good or a bad thing. People say I will enjoy high school, and college even more. IS that true? Hmmm I don't know, but one thing's for shure. I really hate 8th grade right now. Will my opinion change? ?I don't know. But so far the things that I don't like about 8th grade:
  1. Horrible Teachers
  2. Stupid Projects
  3. Some friends are drifting out of my grasp
Sadly, some of my best friends are drifting away from my grasp. Maybe because I don't talk to them at all? This isn't only school though, social and church life too. Hmmm maybe I should mend my relationships? hahaha. I don't know.

I think I talked about this topic before, but I'm writing about it again for 2010's sake. NO SUCH THING ABOUT 2012. THEY DO NOT HAVE CONCRETE PROOF THAT THIS WILL HAPPEN. I think that this whole concept followed with a stupid innacurate movie will surely motivate the nation to believe in this pandemic event.

Church and AFC.
So far, so bad. Like so bad. "Stop talking, shutup" won't cut it now. Say it any nicely to some people, they'll swear. Hmmm, maybe I should stop pointing it so directly at one person, but when I hear the sermon at AFC now, i feel discord in the consensus that we came to worship God. I dunno. Plus, there are only two guys who actually go on a regular basis to church in my grade that are male. Sighhh.

Pastor Yuji
I'm excited. He's symbolic for ummm hope? I don't know change? Not to get Bracky-Obamay, but seriously, I hope Yuji does a good job to benefit our church. The party was fun btw, my facebook has currently 1 video and it takes forever to uplaod the Michael Teng's song one. hahaha.

Relationship With God
FIRE FALL DOWN. that's all i'm saying.

- Annual Long Post on Life -
Leon Chen


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