Jan 7, 2010

the world can be a low place and i'm helping it stay low sometimes

and i think everyone can agree with what I said here today. we live in a world of hypocrites too afraid to fess up their sins. I am one of them. hmmm tell me.
  1. is it bad to lie
  2. is it bad to gossip
  3. have you done either one before
answer no to anyone of those and you are a big liar. the correct answer is yes to all. Yet, i'm pretty sure many of us have said those three questions before to people we want to correct or criticize. that goes without saying, your a hypocrite. everyone is, and in a wider view, no one will change.
we need to become wise and push past these things that make us imposters. I think instead of embracing it daily, learn from what we did wrong and make sure you don't do it again?
do it once, that's bad. do it twice, you knew it was bad. do it three times, you're just having fun now.
stopping at twice is hard, especially with addictions and such, but i think we can all give it a shot.
remember, don't work out this plan on your own.
come to the lord, broken, and tell him about your faults. don't tell him your plans.
1. commit
2. pray
3. tell commitment
4. be glad
rejoice cuz GOD made the day.

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