Jan 11, 2010

Professor Layton Awesomeness

So, if you have never played professor Layton before (for DS), i really recommend it. Around 135 puzzles that are, some obvious, some tricky. :)
Here's I'll put out 6 puzzles and you try to solve it :)

1. There is a blackout so you light 10 candles, but two of the flames blow out when you close the window. At the end of the blackout, how many candles do you have?

Answer: [A number] ____

2. On a 12 hour scale digital clock, how many times will you see three or more of the same numbers in a row?

Answer: [A number] ____

3. What is the last letter of the alphabet?

Answer: [A letter] _____

4. A girl declares: "The Day After Tomorrow, I turn 22, but I was still 19 on New Years Day last year." When is/was her birthday this year?

Answer: [mm/dd/yyyy] __/__/_____

5. A glass jar holds a single germ. In a minute, it divides into two. In two minutes, those two divide into four different germs. It takes an hour to fill the jar. Let say you have two germs in the beginning instead of one. How long would it take then?

Answer: [minutes] _____

6. You have a die. The chances you roll a 3? 1/6 right? The chances you role 2 3's with two dice? 1/36. How bout 3 dice? What are the chances you roll 3 for every single one of the 3 dice? 1/256! Now, what are the chances that you will roll a 3 with the 4th dice?

Answer: __/______


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