Jan 15, 2010

Whining alert.

Today was such a horrible day. I had gone all emo on the world and lost hope that the world was an amazing place. Wow, today really sucked, but maybe I should stop complaining. I'm still alive so I thank the Lord. Does he hear me? I hope so. :)
Complain List
The things I have to complain about. Ignore this if you think I'm a wuss, a pussy, a loser, a retard, an emo, or any other derogatory term to justify me as not an average being. Also, if you hate complaining/whining people who just write stupid crap on their blog, too late, your already reading this.
I dislike....
walking to school (i usually bike)
running with my PE teacher (i was apathetic today)
taking French Tests and failing miserably
having boring teachers, in this stupid stupid life
not caring about my relationship with God and how its dying quickly
my family for being so not understanding (maybe i'm biased, but hear me out later)
cloudy days (i can't control nature, this one was stupid)
my friends and their choices
my life
how people always comment about my hair (a bit nonchalant, but it was overdone today)
playing stupid games with Matthew
getting hurt playing stupid games with Matthew
how people don't apologize
how people don't forgive
how people don't forget
my parents and the words they use to lecture me
my dad's descions and what he says to me.

What I likey about the day:
(Note: If you dislike my happiness you can skip this part)
I went to Kevin's house to do absolutely nothing. that was fun:)
Got to meet my new teacher
saw a girl trip over a rock (it wasn't that funny, but she started bleeding so i felt some sympathy :( )

If your going to leave a comment like:
my response to you:
I don't complain a lot on this blog. Is that bad not to feel happy every once in awhile. sheesshhh.

hmmm about my dad.
On the way home, I was going to tell him a story about the day and then he interrupted me. Feeling as if I should correct him (yes, probably all of oyu are saying, don't correct your parents, you probably don't like me as much now but here goes) i told him that its not nice to interrupt people. And then he said "you interrupted me first." Okay, my fuse is really short with my parents because I expect them to understand at least what i'm tryiing to say. but no. I started arguing, telling him that, I was just telling him something about eating dinner and he keeps on saying: its rude to go to other people's houses to eat dinner.
First of all, i didn't want to eat dinner either, but I guess I was forcefed. Anyways, i told my dad, they kinda made me eat dinner. Now he changes the subject. He said, "well, at our house... blahblahblah." and I told him, "nvm forget about it." and then he kept lecturing me by saying, if your going to talk about a story then you should finish it.
I did not strike back because this would go nowhere. I just didn't talk to him at all. This day was so horrible. Leaving a comment that says "Leon, your being unreasonable and that's from a friend who cares deeply about you... yadayadayada." Okay, but no dice. The next thing that happens: Chinese School. I have stopped chinese school about 2 months and I didn't not that we were restarting till 30 minutes ago. Why? Because my dad tells me and I need to finishh my worksheets that are due tommorow. I didn't know that we were supposeed to do so. My chinese teacher is gonna get piised becauuse she assigned them 3 months ago. I am right now incapable of doiing chinese because I can't type all that well and you know how sleepy I am after telling kids to stop talking, stop talking, stop playing human pinball.
Yes ranting fun!
I argued, can you postpone it? he got so pissed at me, and started telling me, "NOOOOOOOOOO. WE ALREADY SCHEDULEDIT ON THURSDAY!" and i was like, why didn't you tell me thursday, we could've talked about it then.
but no. its so unreasonable to even talk to me about ANYTHING beforehand. Is it really that hard? I hope not.
I know you hear kids always having mission statements
When I grow up i'm gonna be a nice parent.... yadayadayada
you know what.
do the kids ever think before they say what they want to do. i hope so.

its better to
think about
a world as
a thing
that you just hafta live through
god knows where your going
and sometimes
i think he cursed me
with a weird father
don't get me wrong
i still love my father
but sometimes
i think that
he needs to take
  1. constructive criticism
  2. some REASONABLE jokes
  3. and he should definetly listen to tohers.
i think i'm screwed tommorw.
please don't write something like
your a little whining retard
i don't want to read your blog
yes maybe i am and you don't hafta
i'm just saying
today was horrible
and i kinda faced all of life's problems
my daily life felt like a paradox
i do the same things everyday
i feel like
i'm gonna die at a young age.
this was really pointless
have a nice day

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