Dec 30, 2009

Dec 27, 2009

Perfect Designs or Imperfect Foundations?

People. City. Bright lights. Its amazing strolling down an urban downtown just to explore the sights of the city. The frosty fog hides all imperfections of the city as you take a whiff of the finest and most polluted nitrogen in California. Yes! Free at last! The smug grafitti decorated the brick walls and I stop to take a picture. What a refreshing night. Sounds fun? Yes, that would be a "Perfect Design" for a plan for a night. At least for some people. Yes, God created us not to be perfect, but to have a Perfect Design. Do not take this the wrong way though! It does not mean that you are perfect and you can achieve perfection in this lifetime. It means that God has decided to create you in his image and will forevermore expect you to live under the influence of Jesus. In Psalm 139:14, the verse is “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” As the most complex organism on this Earth, humans should celebrate for our gracious God giving us the chance to worship him. Yes! I can totally feel the energy now! So wonderful! Hahaha. All fun and games chaps. So this is what I want to talk about. Psalm 139:14. God's unstoppable imagination and unimaginable willpower created the human anatomy, which to this day is still a mystery to athiests and nonbelievers of the creator, our Father. Its really funny though, if you think about it. How can something so wonderfully made be somehow coming out of nowhere. And plus, the talk about souls! We are the only "animal" on this planet allowed into Heaven. SWEETNESS :) "And that my soul knoweth right well. He was no agnostic -- he knew; he was no doubter -- his soul knew; he was no dupe -- his soul knew right well." It is amazing how God made us down to the cell. So meticulous, don't you think. Well too bad, this is my blog. I think GOD is amazing with his creation. I am a creation of Christ with a fearful design. Wanna let in on another secret? You are too!

Dec 26, 2009


i'mm so board :P
shushnoobs elena is over

Dec 25, 2009

sing a little prayer for you

back from oregon. i'm staying at matthew's house fur lyk 2~3 days. :]
mann it has been so much funnn :D
we had a bunch of memories, a list too long to write.
when i have the time, I will most definetly write a list 4 you guys :D
if you see the Christina photoshoot on Facebook, it was not my idea
since i can't go on facebook, i really want a certain ruth to go online.
happy holidays

i haven't been on my facebook for a while.
though i may fall into peer pressure, i think that i may hafta
control mysself.

i'm listening to matthew fail on his sonata
badromance all the way

merry christmas

dawning is so interesting jason

Dec 23, 2009

Oregon Mission Trip Day #3/#4

it is so saddening. i should change the title from mission trip to retreat. is it really a mission trip? we aren't doing anything to express god's love except for singing his worship. sadface
but then again, most of the ppl at the retreat are leaning toward christianity. it think that is really amazing. but once again i am reminded about how selfish ppl can be. i love the people here, but someone keeps bugging me for my dsi and other ppl also want to play. today he told me i was patronizing him for not giving him my ds. i am thinking that SOME people need to cool it down. he's older than me too.
Okay onto the main subject matter.
So, Dawning, Christina, rehBecca and I really wanted to take action @ this mission trip. we are just being like accesories for the adults. sadly, I don't take that anymoar. I think that we can actually make a difference. We confronted many ppl, who also agreed with us.
But then, we asked Larry and he said do nothing because its already planned out.
well, after some time, I gave it some thought and thought that what larry said wasn't too weird of an idea. Why? Well. they go to GFu (george fox university) and are all under the influence of the Christian university.
We played mafia (a weird version) with some ppl.
IT WAS SOOO MUCHHH FUNNNN. i kept accusing larry, daniel lin, and yile. i don't know why.
it turned out to be my brother, amanda, and someone else. oh right. YILE!
it was so much fun rita is so funny
bu yao dong wo de bo zi
haven't been of facebook srry
wan an

Dec 20, 2009

Oregon Mission Trip Day #2

Okay we are being serious with Dawning for now.
Okay, we need to make a Chrismas carol. We need to make the perfect Christmas Carol.
It is so impoartant to these 30 ppl apparently.
Okay if you are watching this video, I really enjoyed it. Hmmmmm.
I really cannot wait for the time at Oregon Mission Trip.
So to everyone out there following my blog,
How's Christmas Break?


God is awesome, and I am so thankful for Leon's desire to chase after His heart. LEON IS AWESOME, BECAUSE GOD MADE HIM THAT WAY!! :DD pytL:)

Oregon Mission Trip Day #1

Yayyy sorry hahaha
i needed to use this for a while. Anyways i <3>

Day #2 Video will be posted shortly. Anyways I was amazingly happy to see Dawning cuz she's so coool :)
We stayed at Travelodge on the first day and was warmly treated by these lovely ladies who helped us find our ways around the hotel. It was funnn :) ask me for details if you want.

Dec 16, 2009

Day #16 Candy Canes and Shallow Friends

Hmmmm About my story. I discontinued it becuz no one was reading it. :/ Hahaha @ Karen cuz she was forcing ppl to read her story. It was really good *-*. Good luck on finals fo the next deux jours. I'm extremely pooped from a day of school and i wanna just say something on my blog :P You don't need entertainment/enemies/mothers/retards/people with herps (wth are herps?), aids, or down if you have friends like mine. Even though at times all I can think about is how to assasinate them, I still care very mucho for them. They are some of my best friends at school and they are soo weird and awkward :3 haha. in a few ways i really despise them though. hmmm that doens't matter i guess. All I needa know is that they are going to snow retreat. YES SCORE! Haha. :P I can introduce them to my friends.
I need to cut my hair again. Anyways, I thought of my friends because they were acting really shallow (even though I knew they were joking) and I started to get really irratated. Why? Well I'm just saying, I'm the kind of person who think that people being shallow is just an outstretchced arm to show how much more annoying they can be. sheesshhh Owells cuz all is good when God is there:)
yay foars meh.

Facebook 16/16



Dec 15, 2009

Day #15 Unashamed or just PLAIN STUPID?

So, If your really a youtuber, then you must know the video about a group of rap kids singing about a Christian Side Hug. It "prevents your from sexual urges, unlike the front up hug." Now, my friends are making fun of my beliefs now, because I -- apparently -- think that full frontal hugs are wrong, like all Christians now. [This is just a stereotype]. What upsets me the most, besides my freinds being immature, would be the concept of that rap group. Seriously? Are they unashamed, being paid, or just plain stupid?
I think this is pathetic and my friends should just really rethink about this stereotype. Are people really like that? And to be more specific, Christians? No. I think my friends know me well enough, and I just think that their ridicule is somewhat... um how would u say it? stupid... but I guess once again, their MY friends haha. :P Just kidding, their awesome. But I'm begining to ponder if there seriously are people who are rerepresenting Christians in a bad light? Hmmm are they just unashamed or ststupid? Leave your comments
Facebook 15/15
Woohooo :)

[Teh the worst]

Oh, and if your wondering, posts for next week will be cancelled. Oregon trip :) My computer has a virus on it so don't expect mucho

Leave a comment if you want a Christmas
Gift. :)

Dec 14, 2009

Day #12/#13/#14 Conception, Deception, and Recapitulation

'Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first learn to deceive.'
Good morning to a busy week this morning [Day 14] with a BOR scheduled and everything. Study for tests, print out essay outline, finish reading multicultral book, plan about Oregon, and a bunch of stuff. Though this was no comparison to what Jesus or any college student will do in a week, I still feel that I have been so tired throughout the last week. This week will be way worse, and I just know it. It all started with the virus haunting my computer on Saturday [Day 12] and its not gone away. Hm... shall we talk about something more enjoyable? I think we shall. I watched this movie called Darius Goes West today in class. It was pretty much a very enjoyable story with a heartfelt message of living life to the fullest. Sometimes, when I read blogs and ponder about the topics, I can't help but think that this particular person is, well a snobby little child trying to complain about life. Life is not very enjoyable sometimes, but that only measures your happiness in life. Always keep joy with a sorrow face. Remember, it's always easy being satan's right hand man in a day then to be the children of God. Yes, God wants us to be joyful, like Darius. To check out Darius goes West, you can see him @ By going there, you can like um help Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy? My spelling is getting sloppy. Advice from me if your not content with your life. Get real. How much longer are you going to live like a fool who does foolish actions to folly instead of praising the Lord? Staying on this earth is not just for fun and entertainment, its for God. Stop being un-content. Of course, if this is not you being unpleased with life, like your friends leaving you, parents fighting, then that's a different story. You can't buy your life back, so enjoy it and make great use of it. Don't be like me most of the time :P So let's jump into my life for a while. My brother. You know how I don't like him? Well, usually in public, I'm the one who looks bad. I admit, yes I do treat him really badly in public, telling him not to talk to me. This is only because he said he wouldn't talk to me. Now why wouldn't you want your brother to talk to you? He says the meanest things, he swears a lot, and yet when I try to correct him, I am labled a hypocrite then ignored. I'm sometimes called the worst names imaginable, but you know how some siblings are. I just wish my brother wasn't so focused on his own life. Oh... about Elena. Yeah, she's back and I was like yay. She's grown shorter, but i miss her soooo much. :[ She's the coolest cat on the block. Hmmmmm I wonder if Dawning could come back home after her final and come and visit me :) Joyy. Oregon trip practice is going good, but I think I am leaving on Saturday. That means like no blog for about a whole week. Sorry :).
I'm having a really nice time on this earth today just because I'm alive. But this facebook fasting thing is getting a little too easy. I don't really even need facebook anymore. Haha. It feels so easy to say no to facebook now. I really encourage everyone to go without two weeks ^^
hahaha <3
Yay a real blog post for once. Oh, The Recapitulation. I'm so screwed for piano. I was sick and I don't want to upset my piano teacher anymore. My recital is drawing near, and I'm really shaky at it. I'm playing the venetian boat song yay. XD Have a nice week, pray for MAC if he comes into mind. Prayer requests? Write them here. Don't ask me to pray for finals because I already will x)
Have a good night x

Current song i'm listening to
Don't Let me Fall - Lenka

Dec 12, 2009


my name on a forum is fat okay :P

Dec 11, 2009

Day #10/#11 _______ Day

Okay, so after I updated my blog, I have been like telling people about this song. Anyways, its called The Fear by Lily Allen. It is absolutely the shallowest song ever. Pshaw.
To Do list
VISIT ELENA! [Top priority]
Catch up on discipleship
Get friends to go to Snow Retreat and tell them about how amazing it is
Get better with photoshop
Compose my first song [background]
Make costume -_- Dawning Help Me :P
Meet with Oregon Friends
Get ready for Constitution Finals
Okay, so today, I wanted to tell everyone I had a blastt [Friday today] at Awana. Actually, that was a lie. Partially, because Matthew wasn't there. He would usually annoy me soohh much, he's probably studying for finals. I feel so bad for Helen, get well soon :[ And also Grace and Joshua were flirting about her C+ Essay and her recommendation letter to Duke... OOOHHHHH.
The reason why I left the blank in the title is actually because I can fill that blank with these 15 words
Day to
Time of
i'm so descriptive
yeah peace
Youtube ect. 7/11

Dec 10, 2009

Day #9 Customizing Blog and More Genisis

custom blog yay :D
More Jesus in my life
Gotta cut short
Facebook 9/9
Chat me for more info, working on blog

Dec 9, 2009

Day #8 OMGihee

Almost over the sickness. Oh and, I'm updating my blog layout really soon. and Most likely, there won't be a comment section :P
Sorrrryyyy u can tell me via email :)

Anyways, I f u haven't noticed, I changed my playlist. And i'll explain the songs:
1. Becuz of you
Grace's reniditon was pretty and it sounded just like this one haha and I liked it :)
Props to Grace Wang for being cool :O
2. Lovers in Japan
This song is sooo good. I sang this in the shower for 5 minutes before. It was funful. Anyways, the reason why I chose this songs was actually becuz of like the lyrics. The lyrics are really pretty :D
Yay for pretty lyrics. I also thought of my friend from Japan cuz he lives in Osaka. Yay for Osakans.
3. Annie
Another Vanessa Carlton Song again. :P It has a really melodic pattern and it makes sad situations sadder :D yay for that.  Nice lyrics too.
4. Sea of Faces
My first Kutless song on my iPod. And I just reheard it, so I decided to put it on yay
5. Forget and Not Slow Down
Its from Relient's K most recent album. Its suchhh an aweshum song. *-* Go buy it :D
6. Who Knew
Uh... my favorite P!nk song. Uhh, I haven't listened to it for a while. I always listen to this song and "Just Fine" when i'm feeling unhappy. :/
Boooooooo :P
Yay for chocolate milk.

Cool eh?
Youtube 5/8
[Excluding Hulu, read Day #7]
Facebook 8/8

YAY FOR TUESDAYS [remember this post is belated haha xD]

Dec 8, 2009


Still Coughing Today. Anyways, Today, I wanted to say that I'm sorry my posts are always late. Its just, I like to write about stuff after I get a day to think about it :) This will be a pretty boring thing if your not keeping track of yeah :)
Anyways, I've decided on something. I'm not gonna use the computer as an entertainment source this month, but more as a user source. Like, I won't spend much time entertaining myself, but I'm gonna catch up on hmwk, and pray and learn moar about his word. After all that's what I'm aiming 4 rite? Yay Time for Day 6
I thought I might as well just put the tally up here so NFQ.

Facebook 7/7
Youtube 4/7
Hulu/Video Watching Site 5/7 (i might drop this site becuz there are none of my shows coming on til April 13 :) My Bdayy :D)

oh& here's my first topic
I need to restrain myself from this computer thing. I know facebook is easy, but Youtube is not that easy cuz its becoming a routine. And if I don't make time from youtube, I won't have enough time for God :[ Also, I think I need to meditate on his word more. From 15 mins now to 20 mins :)
I only read like 2 chapters but lyk I think about them for a bit between the big titles :) yah. I'm cool

Second Topic.
Whether you like Tdrama, Cdrama, (Cdrama and Tdrama are sooo overrated) and the more overrated Jdrama, Kdrama, or anything like that, you should have a "favorite actor/actress"
So yesterday I saw my friends status which said "OMG SO HOT." And it was raining the other day when I saw it so I clicked on the link and it was a compilation of videos about some multitalent named Show Lo. And all I said throughout the whole video is "Everyone's treating him like a god :P" But like, seriously, these were some of the comments:

OMG HE'S SO CUTE I can't believe he's almost 30.

So sexxai

Nice Video. I like how his acting career doesn't make him rude and snobby like other actors. His personality... blahblahblah

I'm just saying, who has these celebrity fantasies??? Actually, a more legitamite question, how ever so likely will they come true. Just a pure fluke that they even know your name
Anyways, I'm all i'm saying that this guy can sing, act, and dance. :P
So what, we also have a fame club at our school xD Greeattt.... what is up with girls and Tdramas and Kdramas and Cdramas? :P
Personalities are covers of a real person sometimes. :)

i think that girls are weird sometimes
but that's natural
cuz god made us cool :)
Hahahahahahaha. I enjoyed C dramas (not about like fighting and war ones) and T dramas a longggg time ago. I thought they were bland enough to kill time.
Oatmeal came to my mind when watching a fan video.


Dec 6, 2009

Day #4/#5 Nothing... Seriously

I loafed at home acting like a sick homeless person for 2 days, Day #2 and Day #3. So sorry I haven't been updating. I'm still sick. Anyways, Day #4...
YES I BEAT PHOENIX WRIGHT #2 and I read some Bible. Anyways, what I wa sreading today was actually about a woman who just HAPPENED TO BE A SPIRIT MEDIUM. And basically, Saul goes to this woman to summon Samuel. The women gets all suspicious and is like "WAIT YOUR SAUL" and then freaks out. But she still summons him :P
Interesting story. Nothing that Fun happened. No Youtube or any funny business.
Thanks to Dawning to believing in me :) I can push through another 28ish days?
Hmm, forgetting the format of my tally, I'll just tell you I didn't use anything that day.

Day #4
I have no DSi cuz I'm bored. I'm sleepy and still sick I actually went to school! However, I didn't like it at all. My throat tickled and I usually coughed like a maniac. I'm so flustered at the fact that I was not getting ANY BETTER. GAHHH. I'm so anxious about praise night tommorow! :)

Day #5
STILL SICK. How come its so collldddd????? Brrrrrr. My parents told me I kinda hafta go to urgent care now. Blargh.... where sick ppl r :) Anyways, I was so bored today and I started server editing, but controlled myself. YAY for me anyways. :))) Hope tommorow is lovely. I MISSED KEVIN'S TESTIMONIAL, luckily, I got a hardcopy of what he was gonna say.

at the end of Day#5

Facebook 5/5
Hulu/blargh 3/5
Youtube 4/5


Dec 3, 2009

Day #3 Goddd plz help me

My throat is so hoarse and it's so hard to concentrate. >.< Owell, suck it up and let God deal with them? I hope I feel better tommorow. To do list [I was gone for 2 days so far boys and gals] ----------------------------------------------------- Copy 2 TIH [I despise my history teacher for TIH :P] Take French Test [Haven't studied that well *-*] Science Test [Easy A++++ ;D, not that I care Science is sooo boring] Vocab Test [altruism, benign, civility, exemplary, benefactor, humanitarian, rectify, amicable, indulge, BOUNTIFUL :P] MAKEUP FOR MATH GRRR I HATE GEOMETRY >< nah, geometry is totally fun with a pretty chill teacher :) ---------------------------------------------------- BEAT PHOENIX WRIGHT 2 IN BED TODAY AND I GOT THE GOOD SCENARIO cuz like i read online *oh i got the bad turnout* and i was like what is the bad turnout? Sadness drenched me. I saw this video on youtube (YES I KNOW I KNOW YOUTUBE that was cuz i turned off Leechblock Ruth >:[)

Okay enoughfff of that

Facebook 3/3
Youtube 2/3 -.- i'm such a bad person with leechblock so unfaithful
Hulu 1/3 [its cuz a new show came out. i better stop using hulu.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess i can't use the comp tommorw. BE STRICT ON LEON.

Day #2 ALREADY WITH THE GIVE-UP? [Late one day, apologize ;D]

Yeh, I'm still sick, but [speaking in today's tense btw] I looked back on yesterday [12/2] and I hadn't even talked to God. Nor have I even read the Bible. -.-" All I could find was the excuse, I'm too sickkk to rreeeaddd smallll texxxttt. "sigh" Anyways, I was tooo lazy until I remember. THE INTERNET. Now I have a headache.

Facebook 2/2
Youtube 2/2
Hulu ect.ect. 1/2

@_@ Stupid Hulu. [wait I meant myself.]

Dec 1, 2009

Day #1 of Facebook/Youtube/ServerEdit Fasting

He's coming to get me. Yesterday I was fine, today I'm so sick. My head is spinning around and my throat now has a hoarse cough. Everywhere hurts :p But still, we hafta rejoice to the LORD for he is building my immune system :P
Okay anyways, I stopped using Facebook/Youtube/Server Editing for a whole month. It will last from 12~1 [Today] to 12~31. I will report later about a prayer, or such blah. Anyways, i'm gonna try to keep a daily update [except for the week i am gone] on hows i'm doing :D