Dec 23, 2009

Oregon Mission Trip Day #3/#4

it is so saddening. i should change the title from mission trip to retreat. is it really a mission trip? we aren't doing anything to express god's love except for singing his worship. sadface
but then again, most of the ppl at the retreat are leaning toward christianity. it think that is really amazing. but once again i am reminded about how selfish ppl can be. i love the people here, but someone keeps bugging me for my dsi and other ppl also want to play. today he told me i was patronizing him for not giving him my ds. i am thinking that SOME people need to cool it down. he's older than me too.
Okay onto the main subject matter.
So, Dawning, Christina, rehBecca and I really wanted to take action @ this mission trip. we are just being like accesories for the adults. sadly, I don't take that anymoar. I think that we can actually make a difference. We confronted many ppl, who also agreed with us.
But then, we asked Larry and he said do nothing because its already planned out.
well, after some time, I gave it some thought and thought that what larry said wasn't too weird of an idea. Why? Well. they go to GFu (george fox university) and are all under the influence of the Christian university.
We played mafia (a weird version) with some ppl.
IT WAS SOOO MUCHHH FUNNNN. i kept accusing larry, daniel lin, and yile. i don't know why.
it turned out to be my brother, amanda, and someone else. oh right. YILE!
it was so much fun rita is so funny
bu yao dong wo de bo zi
haven't been of facebook srry
wan an

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