Dec 25, 2009

sing a little prayer for you

back from oregon. i'm staying at matthew's house fur lyk 2~3 days. :]
mann it has been so much funnn :D
we had a bunch of memories, a list too long to write.
when i have the time, I will most definetly write a list 4 you guys :D
if you see the Christina photoshoot on Facebook, it was not my idea
since i can't go on facebook, i really want a certain ruth to go online.
happy holidays

i haven't been on my facebook for a while.
though i may fall into peer pressure, i think that i may hafta
control mysself.

i'm listening to matthew fail on his sonata
badromance all the way

1 comment:

  1. it wasn't your idea. but you joined in nonetheless.
    thats ok your flower in sunshine picture was the best :]


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