Dec 8, 2009


Still Coughing Today. Anyways, Today, I wanted to say that I'm sorry my posts are always late. Its just, I like to write about stuff after I get a day to think about it :) This will be a pretty boring thing if your not keeping track of yeah :)
Anyways, I've decided on something. I'm not gonna use the computer as an entertainment source this month, but more as a user source. Like, I won't spend much time entertaining myself, but I'm gonna catch up on hmwk, and pray and learn moar about his word. After all that's what I'm aiming 4 rite? Yay Time for Day 6
I thought I might as well just put the tally up here so NFQ.

Facebook 7/7
Youtube 4/7
Hulu/Video Watching Site 5/7 (i might drop this site becuz there are none of my shows coming on til April 13 :) My Bdayy :D)

oh& here's my first topic
I need to restrain myself from this computer thing. I know facebook is easy, but Youtube is not that easy cuz its becoming a routine. And if I don't make time from youtube, I won't have enough time for God :[ Also, I think I need to meditate on his word more. From 15 mins now to 20 mins :)
I only read like 2 chapters but lyk I think about them for a bit between the big titles :) yah. I'm cool

Second Topic.
Whether you like Tdrama, Cdrama, (Cdrama and Tdrama are sooo overrated) and the more overrated Jdrama, Kdrama, or anything like that, you should have a "favorite actor/actress"
So yesterday I saw my friends status which said "OMG SO HOT." And it was raining the other day when I saw it so I clicked on the link and it was a compilation of videos about some multitalent named Show Lo. And all I said throughout the whole video is "Everyone's treating him like a god :P" But like, seriously, these were some of the comments:

OMG HE'S SO CUTE I can't believe he's almost 30.

So sexxai

Nice Video. I like how his acting career doesn't make him rude and snobby like other actors. His personality... blahblahblah

I'm just saying, who has these celebrity fantasies??? Actually, a more legitamite question, how ever so likely will they come true. Just a pure fluke that they even know your name
Anyways, I'm all i'm saying that this guy can sing, act, and dance. :P
So what, we also have a fame club at our school xD Greeattt.... what is up with girls and Tdramas and Kdramas and Cdramas? :P
Personalities are covers of a real person sometimes. :)

i think that girls are weird sometimes
but that's natural
cuz god made us cool :)
Hahahahahahaha. I enjoyed C dramas (not about like fighting and war ones) and T dramas a longggg time ago. I thought they were bland enough to kill time.
Oatmeal came to my mind when watching a fan video.


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  1. hahahaha. You're so funnily random. :P Oatmeal--I haven't had that in a while.

    Interesting insight...about how...personalities are covers of a real person sometimes... hmm...


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