Dec 6, 2009

Day #4/#5 Nothing... Seriously

I loafed at home acting like a sick homeless person for 2 days, Day #2 and Day #3. So sorry I haven't been updating. I'm still sick. Anyways, Day #4...
YES I BEAT PHOENIX WRIGHT #2 and I read some Bible. Anyways, what I wa sreading today was actually about a woman who just HAPPENED TO BE A SPIRIT MEDIUM. And basically, Saul goes to this woman to summon Samuel. The women gets all suspicious and is like "WAIT YOUR SAUL" and then freaks out. But she still summons him :P
Interesting story. Nothing that Fun happened. No Youtube or any funny business.
Thanks to Dawning to believing in me :) I can push through another 28ish days?
Hmm, forgetting the format of my tally, I'll just tell you I didn't use anything that day.

Day #4
I have no DSi cuz I'm bored. I'm sleepy and still sick I actually went to school! However, I didn't like it at all. My throat tickled and I usually coughed like a maniac. I'm so flustered at the fact that I was not getting ANY BETTER. GAHHH. I'm so anxious about praise night tommorow! :)

Day #5
STILL SICK. How come its so collldddd????? Brrrrrr. My parents told me I kinda hafta go to urgent care now. Blargh.... where sick ppl r :) Anyways, I was so bored today and I started server editing, but controlled myself. YAY for me anyways. :))) Hope tommorow is lovely. I MISSED KEVIN'S TESTIMONIAL, luckily, I got a hardcopy of what he was gonna say.

at the end of Day#5

Facebook 5/5
Hulu/blargh 3/5
Youtube 4/5


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  1. Yess Lahyon, keep on going! ^____^ Restrain yourself!!

    The spirit is willing; the body is weak! :)


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