Dec 3, 2009

Day #2 ALREADY WITH THE GIVE-UP? [Late one day, apologize ;D]

Yeh, I'm still sick, but [speaking in today's tense btw] I looked back on yesterday [12/2] and I hadn't even talked to God. Nor have I even read the Bible. -.-" All I could find was the excuse, I'm too sickkk to rreeeaddd smallll texxxttt. "sigh" Anyways, I was tooo lazy until I remember. THE INTERNET. Now I have a headache.

Facebook 2/2
Youtube 2/2
Hulu ect.ect. 1/2

@_@ Stupid Hulu. [wait I meant myself.]


  1. So do you mean that out of the 2 days so far, you've succeeded in n/2 days, given that n is the number of days you've succeeded in your venture?


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