Dec 16, 2009

Day #16 Candy Canes and Shallow Friends

Hmmmm About my story. I discontinued it becuz no one was reading it. :/ Hahaha @ Karen cuz she was forcing ppl to read her story. It was really good *-*. Good luck on finals fo the next deux jours. I'm extremely pooped from a day of school and i wanna just say something on my blog :P You don't need entertainment/enemies/mothers/retards/people with herps (wth are herps?), aids, or down if you have friends like mine. Even though at times all I can think about is how to assasinate them, I still care very mucho for them. They are some of my best friends at school and they are soo weird and awkward :3 haha. in a few ways i really despise them though. hmmm that doens't matter i guess. All I needa know is that they are going to snow retreat. YES SCORE! Haha. :P I can introduce them to my friends.
I need to cut my hair again. Anyways, I thought of my friends because they were acting really shallow (even though I knew they were joking) and I started to get really irratated. Why? Well I'm just saying, I'm the kind of person who think that people being shallow is just an outstretchced arm to show how much more annoying they can be. sheesshhh Owells cuz all is good when God is there:)
yay foars meh.

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  2. hello leon :D it's 1:42 and i'm bored.


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