Dec 3, 2009

Day #3 Goddd plz help me

My throat is so hoarse and it's so hard to concentrate. >.< Owell, suck it up and let God deal with them? I hope I feel better tommorow. To do list [I was gone for 2 days so far boys and gals] ----------------------------------------------------- Copy 2 TIH [I despise my history teacher for TIH :P] Take French Test [Haven't studied that well *-*] Science Test [Easy A++++ ;D, not that I care Science is sooo boring] Vocab Test [altruism, benign, civility, exemplary, benefactor, humanitarian, rectify, amicable, indulge, BOUNTIFUL :P] MAKEUP FOR MATH GRRR I HATE GEOMETRY >< nah, geometry is totally fun with a pretty chill teacher :) ---------------------------------------------------- BEAT PHOENIX WRIGHT 2 IN BED TODAY AND I GOT THE GOOD SCENARIO cuz like i read online *oh i got the bad turnout* and i was like what is the bad turnout? Sadness drenched me. I saw this video on youtube (YES I KNOW I KNOW YOUTUBE that was cuz i turned off Leechblock Ruth >:[)

Okay enoughfff of that

Facebook 3/3
Youtube 2/3 -.- i'm such a bad person with leechblock so unfaithful
Hulu 1/3 [its cuz a new show came out. i better stop using hulu.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess i can't use the comp tommorw. BE STRICT ON LEON.

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  1. COME ON, LEON. YOU'VE GOT TO HOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!! ^______^ I KNWO YOU CAN DO IT! AND YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT PHOENIX WRIGHT, TOO! XD Jkjk, one step at a time... :)

    Matthew 6:33


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