Dec 15, 2009

Day #15 Unashamed or just PLAIN STUPID?

So, If your really a youtuber, then you must know the video about a group of rap kids singing about a Christian Side Hug. It "prevents your from sexual urges, unlike the front up hug." Now, my friends are making fun of my beliefs now, because I -- apparently -- think that full frontal hugs are wrong, like all Christians now. [This is just a stereotype]. What upsets me the most, besides my freinds being immature, would be the concept of that rap group. Seriously? Are they unashamed, being paid, or just plain stupid?
I think this is pathetic and my friends should just really rethink about this stereotype. Are people really like that? And to be more specific, Christians? No. I think my friends know me well enough, and I just think that their ridicule is somewhat... um how would u say it? stupid... but I guess once again, their MY friends haha. :P Just kidding, their awesome. But I'm begining to ponder if there seriously are people who are rerepresenting Christians in a bad light? Hmmm are they just unashamed or ststupid? Leave your comments
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Oh, and if your wondering, posts for next week will be cancelled. Oregon trip :) My computer has a virus on it so don't expect mucho

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  1. Ahhh hahaha every time I refresh, the background changes. xP

    That thing is just weird...=/


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