Dec 14, 2009

Day #12/#13/#14 Conception, Deception, and Recapitulation

'Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first learn to deceive.'
Good morning to a busy week this morning [Day 14] with a BOR scheduled and everything. Study for tests, print out essay outline, finish reading multicultral book, plan about Oregon, and a bunch of stuff. Though this was no comparison to what Jesus or any college student will do in a week, I still feel that I have been so tired throughout the last week. This week will be way worse, and I just know it. It all started with the virus haunting my computer on Saturday [Day 12] and its not gone away. Hm... shall we talk about something more enjoyable? I think we shall. I watched this movie called Darius Goes West today in class. It was pretty much a very enjoyable story with a heartfelt message of living life to the fullest. Sometimes, when I read blogs and ponder about the topics, I can't help but think that this particular person is, well a snobby little child trying to complain about life. Life is not very enjoyable sometimes, but that only measures your happiness in life. Always keep joy with a sorrow face. Remember, it's always easy being satan's right hand man in a day then to be the children of God. Yes, God wants us to be joyful, like Darius. To check out Darius goes West, you can see him @ By going there, you can like um help Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy? My spelling is getting sloppy. Advice from me if your not content with your life. Get real. How much longer are you going to live like a fool who does foolish actions to folly instead of praising the Lord? Staying on this earth is not just for fun and entertainment, its for God. Stop being un-content. Of course, if this is not you being unpleased with life, like your friends leaving you, parents fighting, then that's a different story. You can't buy your life back, so enjoy it and make great use of it. Don't be like me most of the time :P So let's jump into my life for a while. My brother. You know how I don't like him? Well, usually in public, I'm the one who looks bad. I admit, yes I do treat him really badly in public, telling him not to talk to me. This is only because he said he wouldn't talk to me. Now why wouldn't you want your brother to talk to you? He says the meanest things, he swears a lot, and yet when I try to correct him, I am labled a hypocrite then ignored. I'm sometimes called the worst names imaginable, but you know how some siblings are. I just wish my brother wasn't so focused on his own life. Oh... about Elena. Yeah, she's back and I was like yay. She's grown shorter, but i miss her soooo much. :[ She's the coolest cat on the block. Hmmmmm I wonder if Dawning could come back home after her final and come and visit me :) Joyy. Oregon trip practice is going good, but I think I am leaving on Saturday. That means like no blog for about a whole week. Sorry :).
I'm having a really nice time on this earth today just because I'm alive. But this facebook fasting thing is getting a little too easy. I don't really even need facebook anymore. Haha. It feels so easy to say no to facebook now. I really encourage everyone to go without two weeks ^^
hahaha <3
Yay a real blog post for once. Oh, The Recapitulation. I'm so screwed for piano. I was sick and I don't want to upset my piano teacher anymore. My recital is drawing near, and I'm really shaky at it. I'm playing the venetian boat song yay. XD Have a nice week, pray for MAC if he comes into mind. Prayer requests? Write them here. Don't ask me to pray for finals because I already will x)
Have a good night x

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Darius Goes West. Where do you go to school? We could really use you and your school's help to win $1 million in the Chase Community Giving Challenge online Facebook vote that starts January 15. If you'd like to sign up as a Goslabi Captain, shoot me an e-mail at

    Darius says what up and happy holidays to you from the DGW crew.



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