Jan 6, 2010

i cried.

i cried a total of 15 times after watching an anime.
uhh.... though its pretty old by now, I still love Clannad.
its an amazingly touching story about a girl named Furukawa Nagisa and
Tomoya Okazaki.
uhh i swore never to cry, and i didn't in the first season. though some of my friends watched it
before, i guess, I never did because it wasn't that sad at all. until I got to season 2, I really thought the anime brought it home with its later episode (like 14~22)
hmmmm i don't want to spoil it and you know this anime is good because I don't usually recommend animes. I actually almost never. but if u wanna read some anime recommendations from a pro like me :), please follow this blog or at least read it:
Its my second blog and basically its not about God and life and such its more about my hobbies. :)
hmmm maybe i should keep track of a list of the times I actually do quiet times from now on. :O
I should really be doing quiet times but its been so busy lately. :|
I have two tests tommorow and a project due on friday and next tuesday. Gotta hustle.
i hope you REALLY start watching this anime soon.
To find the OVA and every episode:
To start from the first episode (don't worry these are subbed :3):
It may seem awkward, but the story has really deep arcs about it and I really really reallly want others to know about it.
i also really want a season 3 of this.
ohbtw, you know your gonna start crying when your eyes water. its hard to take your eyes off :)
oh and also one more thing,
my other blog won't be as active as this one. maybe a long bimonthly post?
hmmm i guess that will doo :)

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  1. I didn't know you watched Clannad, interesting. D: I haven't watched it but I suppose I will eventually.


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