Jan 17, 2010

[ARCHIEVED FROM 1/17/2010]

The sky isn't always blue, and the sun doesn't always shine. It's alright to fall apart sometimes.
Robert Miles

Yeah, I came back to the Heart of Worship Yesterday and decided that I should write about it.
Oh and everyone who tells me that I'm staying on the comp past 10, the commitment is meant so that I don't mess on Facebook ect. ect.
Remember, I still need time to adjust. 2 more days?
Anyways, I came to God yesterday, broken. I guess my life was falling apart. I thought that my daily routine won't change and I didn't know what I was supposed to do with my life!
Suddenly, my friend Dawning was talking to me.
Then I recollected my thoughts, and focused on God, because she told me one very important thing: I shouldn't be focusing on what I'm going to be doing, I should be letting God take control of my life.
That's what I'm doing wrong!
So I read my favorite verse that goes something like this (forgot the passage, if you know tell me)
Commit to the Lord, and you will be succesful.
(something like that)
I finally decided that I was coming back to the Heart of Worship. I felt like I was renewed this morning and I was moderatley happy with how I come back so easily. God hears me now and I need to do quiet time.
oh, and tommorow's post, its about FEAR OF GOD.
so stay tuneddd
Love from Beyond
Leon and Holy Spirit


  1. W007W007

    THAT IS SO GOOD TO HEAR...I love how you said "Suddenly, ..." because it was more like...you first im-ed me. :P Anyway, I give praise to the Lord!!! :DD

  2. Proverbs 16:3--the power of Google. :D


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