Jan 5, 2010

language goals

Language Updates:

English: 86%~87% finished :) [8th grade level]
Chinese: 69%~70% finished :) [8~9th grade level]
French: 9%~13% learned :O [1st grade level?]
Japanese: 0%~1% learned :| [not even born]
Korean: 0%~1% learned :| [knows how to count to ten]

*--- Why I wanna Learn Languages ---*
Its fun to know more than others isn't it?
*--- How I'm gonna Learn Languages ---*
High School for French & Chinese, prob. Jap
Korean = friends? I dunno.
*--- Programs Used: ---*
Rosetta Stone (it really blows if you don't have a mic)

So I found this website with like an abundance of the most awesome Pokemon pictures. Though the creator is not done yet with all 493, I still applaud him :)
Its an amazing webbie :3

If these aren't cute in your standards, you have a messed up standard of cuteness.
Anyways its just really adorable. Nothing special
I love pokemon so yah
<3 Leon

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