Feb 17, 2010

Vlog #1: Feb 17

Vlogs are easier sorry


  1. Aww :) Your daddy gave you tea. ^^ Hahaa you're so funny "sorry I'm tired" xD

    Could you turn down the background music again?

    Haha you look sick...I looked sick too...and me too! Get into His word! :D

    YEAHHH HE GIVES PERMANENT RELEASE. Yeah...you should get some tissues.

    two words? hm....

    obviously...wordful and wordy! (because word can mean ANY word :DD)

  2. sorry about the music it was really hard to adjust

  3. ur skin color is NICE O_O <3... i`m trying to get mine lighter lol. ok random heh heh. btw it`s priscilla from facebook :)


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