Sep 9, 2009


1. the act or process of calculating; computation.

2. connected; joined.

noun, plural -pos.
1. any of various devices for a guitar, lute, banjo, etc., that when clamped or screwed down across the strings at a given fret will raise each string a corresponding number of half tones.
2. the nut of a guitar, lute, banjo, etc.

How do these words tie together?
It will be explained in a minute.

85/100. What is that... a B?
Why yes it is! Yes it is! I cannot be more angry right now. For the stupidest reasons I got a B. -5 for a proof, -5 for forgetting to write something ect. ect. I am really not that good at Geometry. My mind is toooo broad. But, owell. Yes. It was Stephens. Stephens grades a bit harsh, but I guess that what I get for getting into a high school course.
Heart <3 OH YES! Calculations. My calculations were not off, but I did have a tutor. And through that tutor, I realized how bad my calculations were, so over the summer I tried to improve them for Geometry. And guess what? We weren't ever asked a calculation question. Grr. That must've been fun. But owell. I can stick with that as my grade. As long as I don't get a C. Copulate. NOT LIKE THAT :P Copulation is the act of joining. Yesterday, my group, Split Ends, consisting of 3 other people tried to sell a useless portable hair clip as a split end remover. It was quite fun. 28/30, was our final grade. Persumably today, we watched Bill Nye during class time. Not that I have anything against him, but...

This doofus made me watch the same video 3 times each time in a different year. Yes, you may think that I am arguing over such a small peice of my life, but seriousy! We have been doing measurements since 4th grade. But, I enjoyed having the mood of being halfawake while knowing all the material.

Chunky Cubes Restate
Air suddenly blows one
A cradling stone

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Oh, making this blog private.
Yes that is what I was gonna do.
Ask meh for an invite.


Capos are the most popular form of music in alternative (no?)with like electric guitar. Now I'm wondering, which capo should I play? HMMMMMMMMMMM

<3 Heart,

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  1. Hahahaha asking for people to ask for an invite when they can't see the blog in the first're so silly! =)


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