Sep 11, 2009

{GLEE ♥ ♥: &╚crossbow╔complexion╩

Click here and watch before reading this post.


Glee is a really cool show, but they part where they changed the script really cracked me up... until I realized they were selling sex. I skipped over the crappy music video. I think they have a lot of talent, and the plot is building up, and now you can start to feel out the protagonist and antagonists. Now, to get to the meat of things! Highlight this to read. Yeah It was an okay episode, but too much loveydovey IMHO.
So... we all know what crossbows are, and we all know what complexions are. YELLOW!!!! haha. Jahkay~ Complexions are different for everyhuman no? I've been trying to compose, if you will, my own song on a piano called crossbow complexion. As I played it, it sounded a lot like....

Haha. Owell, I may post it later
-LeonOwl... hahahahAAHAHA.... Alex Shan is a stalker, No?
<3 You Stalkers


  1. do you post like...20 billion posts a day? do you find time??? :'(

  2. hahahahahaha. i'm just so cool :P


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