Sep 12, 2009

total FAIL &&; Chinese Popcorn Chicken (QCup, Quicklys)

I took the SAT'S today.
Now I must confess, sitting in a room with 8 people older than you and having a mini timer penetrate your concentration is quite... annoying. Anyways, that's not the point. SATS ARE EXTREMELY HARD ;(. I took it (without writing) and It took 3 hours. Seriously. I went at 1:25 and came back home at 4:35. Actually, I did something on the way home. Keep reading this post to find out what ;D Anyways, there were some really weird words. I definetly don't want to take it. Its not like I'm good at vocabulary... I probably suck ;P Bleh. I got a DRUMROOLLLL PLeez!!!!

if you highlighted this then your smart ;D
HEY!!! I'm in 8th grade and I know I suck, but it doesn't mean you can taunt me with long words like soliloquy and periodontal. It was so hot inside the classroom too. I had to get like 5 cups of water. BTW, Apparently my only good subject is math, which I scored around a 640 in. Not to shabby, as some ppl would say.

OOOHOHOOOHOHOOHOHOHOOHOHOHOHOHOHOH i am going to friend Kenny's Church for praise night tonight. I phoned him and he said we are having dinner there. Anyways, time to get to the meat of things.

When Kenny told me that we were eating, I felt a state of shock and looked down at my hands. I have been plumping myself with Chinese Popcorn chicken from Q-Cup. And then I muttered, "Uh... I'm kinda full... and kinda felt guilty about it. Yah, go on, I can take the Tim Lin Style fat jokes. Yah. Blame the 100 pound kid who is underweight for being fat. THANKS TIM. I GUESS I'LL JUST CRY IN THE CORNER. Haha. Jaykay. Tim, if your reading this. I [insert hearts] you!!! Taunt Ruth! teehee. I just noticed i forgot to put the close center tag. Woops.

Anywhoo, I bought Chinese Popcorn chicken and I swear, they put nicotine in that stuff. It tastes so good, its like my 18th one this month. I might die of being fat. Gee, is tim Lin an oracle???
BTW, I really my friend Ann Wang's Blog. It is so cool. And also GazelleTrek (Dawning Wu) :P. i <3 you stalkers!!!! •with ♥♥♥♥• Leon Chen


  1. Goodness goodness...SAT...ohsigh. at SUCH A YOUNG AGE! Already exposed to such dangers of life...><

  2. seriously why are you taking the sats your only in 8th grade enjoy your childhood leon sheesh


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