Sep 26, 2009

sad truths and falling curtains

Entry 01:

Its like when there is a realization that there is a god. You are either appalled, gratified, or defiant. But seriously, after reading this article, "Do Animals Have Souls?", I have determined that people don't come to god easily. My friend started saying bad things about Jesus after I told him that Animals don't go to heaven. They stay on the ground. Haha. Anyways, all jokes aside, I think that he was more worried about dogs then heaven. Click here to read it. If you are to lazy to read it, I guess I will write out snippets:

A characteristic of soulish beings is to have mental activity that consist of beliefs, intentions, desires, sensations . . .

That is exactly what a soul is, and you only have one of them,

Also, animals have different kind of souls than human beings. Human being souls are made in the image of God and they live forever, they are everlasting. Animal souls are not made in the image of God, and we have no evidence that I can tell that they are everlasting.

Not to us, but your name be the glory lord! Also, I am very tired of school already! And also to my dear Freshmen at college: HAHAHAHAHA SUFFER. I'm just kidding. Heart. Also, I'm having a weird problem with gmail chat. Why doesn't the video thing work for me? Dawning sees me through her monitor, and also I have a fat virus on my computer. The children dancing, dancing, dancing, its all for you!! Thanks for the virus Downloads. That was a random line. Anyways, Christian bros and sis(whatever the plural is), g'day. See you @ Church/some where. ;) Jesus hearts you.

With muffins and brainwashed kisses from chicken nuggets,

Entry 02:
How bout a round of 'pplause? Okay, seriously french is amazingly hard. Je vous en prie, sceur~ Don't tell me that. I suck at french, but seriously, I can't understand french that well. I need help from a professional or in french, le prof. ;)
Je suis stupide. thanks ppl.


  1. YOU ARE VERY BRILLIANT AND BRIGHT, LEON. Don't let anyone (or anything) tell you otherwise! ^^ Aww...I hope your friend isn't completely turned off by Christianity now...that's kind of a bad reason. =/

  2. Hahahahaahaha by the way, seeing you on the computer reminds me of that one profile pic of you eating the piece of bread or something... =PP NOT the one with the Hannah Montana balloon....... >.>


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