Sep 23, 2009

heroes and thieves

Okay, so today i had a weird
debate with myself. okay, so i
said to myself: be nice to my
group. Now, I'm doing all of the groupwork.
seriously. pshh. I shouldn't have done
done that should I? haha. plz
tell me i'm not the only 1 hu does this.
and also....about the playlist
it's matthew's favs.
now to move on to some real stuff. now i have been having a conflict with one of my friends. he says that i am really "too" nice. I said hi to this special ed girl and now she asks me many questions. Am I being mean when I ignore tell her not to always stalk me around? ;d
if ur alex shan you can't answer.

also.... you might be wondering why I put that pic there. This is why:
remember the beloved harry potter?
and now twilight. what if edward cullen was.... sorry fangirls xD
i shouldn't make you feel doubtfuhl


1 comment:

  1. work is such a difficult thing to deal with... =/ I hope you can somehow delegate others some work... =/

    Just keep on being the salt and light. ^^


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