Oct 24, 2009

10 Fingers and 90 more that I may have cut off [Part 1]

Here are 100 things that you might not know about me:
1. Black is my favourite colour.
2. I spell color as colour sometimes.
3. White is my second favourite colour.
4. Silver is my third favourite colour.
5. 알로에 means 'Aloe' and it my favorite drink.
6. I hate playing Halo 1, 2, 3.
7. I still think that Red was my favourite Pokemon game.
8. When people call me morbid, I try to deny it a lot.
9. I imagine myself sleeping on clouds.
10. I like anything doughy and squishy and edible.
11. I have watched 3,000+ Anime Episodes.
12. I have read 45,000+ Manga Chapters.
13. I take French.
14. I used to take Spanish, but then thought it was overpopular.
15. I don't like people who are popular.
16. I want to learn how to play bass.
17. Improvising on the piano is very fun.
18. Crying is something that I think everyone should do almost every time their happy. Why? It shows how they are willing show that even though life is hard to live, its really easy to make the best out of it. Also, that's my trademark.
19. If I'm not joyful, bouncy, bubbly, happy, and amazingly jumpy, then i'm emo
20. when im emo i dont care about punctuation
21. I like soft toys.
22. My birthday is on April 13.
23. First life lesson: Friends are hard to come by
24. Second life lesson: Stop acting like what you love. (ex: I feel like a squishy toy. If I keep like acting like one, I won't be able to repair myself.
25. I can cry easily.
26. Rock collections are amazing to me, yet I don't have one for myself.
27. My best friends are the ones living.
28. Hating people is not what I do.
29. I'm extremely independent.
30. I'm unbelievably ticklish, poking is self defense, punching is playful slaughter.
31. Jesus is my childhood superhero.
33. Monotone is fun, yet yelling in monotone isn't monotone anymore.
34. Adrenalin shocking is AHMAZING.
35. I do not remember my first home which had two stories.
36. I used to go to Challenger.
37. I finished the Bible before.
38. I drank 2 gallons nonstop once. (I took breaths though)
39. I DO NOT ABUSE MY A/V PRIVLEGES (I'm on the comp and Timmy's on Facebook playing restruant city)
40. Sad things make me happier and happy things make me sadder.
41. Kevin Yang is an amazzing Pokemon Battler.
42. My UU team: Drifblim, Milktank and others.... SHHHHH DOn'T TELL KEVIN.
43. I <3 My Church :D
44. My savior can move the mountains.
45. I really want an electric car.
46. I don't use a cellphone and I have only texted once in my life (OHHHH YOU KIDS ARE PROBABLY AWESTRUCK)
47. Forgiving is easy for me.
48. I have arthritis.
49. I see fake rain and fake weather all the time. (If it's cloudy, I might see snow. I live in a place where it doesn't snow)
50. I like to write horror novels.

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  1. Adrenaline shock...is dangerous, too.

    May I ask 2 gallons of what? :D


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