Oct 6, 2009


Topic 1: GAY GENE
Topic 2: Lemon Juice & Strawberry kisses
Topic 1: To everybody like my friend Alex and Karthik who are mature (sarcasm) enough to believe that there is a 'gay gene' because South Park/refrences/influenced by someone said that there was a gay gene, they are COMPLETELY WRONG. it has not been proven. AND THERE IS NO DISORDER THAT CAUSES PEOPLE TO BE GAY! FOR THEIR DEFENSE THEY STATED THERE IS A GENE TO MAKE PPL CHRISTIAN.


anyways back to the topic
God makes everyone equal, and that's to sum it up.

FIRST OF ALL: why do ppl go to hell?
EVERYONE IS SUPPOSED TO GO TO HELL BECUZ WE ARE IMMORAL AND NOT PURE. ok, but the thing is that because of god's grace, we are saved :D
and that means not doing anything immoral
Second of all: there is not enough evidence on both sides to prove each other wrong, and there is no sexual orientation gene in your body. search it up.

Third of all: if you know it's wrong, then don't do it xO

Topic 2:
Really. Nothing interesting to say, but I did enjoy this week's Heroes. It seemed more melodramatic. Anyways, nothing to talk about from the title, but I will tell you this: I read a poem, and I was excited to write one, but it will be quite cheesy. here we goes:

Lemon Juice and Strawberry Kisses
[Stanza 1, first play]
The arrogant way that she bestow
The lovers of dim light
The shadows of crows
Awarded with french kisses
 and abbreviated small talk
The girl she persists
To keep on the low
She gave it to a noble knight
What she really cared
Her scarlet red poppies
It's stem's green leaves
The facial expression
In discourse,
the seduction begins with stroking the hair

[Stanza 2, rebirthing]
Dark corners are meant to be sat in
When saddened or loney, afraid, or begaven
It's obvious that some don't share
The pain and anguish that you were given
Maternal birth grow pains, the queen admired
Yet the noble knight, the present she gave, was odd
The dragon's slayer was rewarded a unbudging door knob
The sweet scent of lemon twisted was it
He sat in a cave, where a little girl sat right next to him
The shadows hid their faces and the girl excalimed
"Must you be down?"
"Must you be upset?
"Must you be knight?"
"Must you be what I've become?"
The little girl's eyes, as twinkly as they were, soon become monstrouosly huge
Her demonic look, her 8 snake hands
Her crooked face, it shook
Devilished child, oh wither, I say
I can't bear to bear, to see you today
You're firey red breath, and your golden red wings
Your impartiality for me, yes it hurts
It suddenly engulfed the knight with its mouth
Shouting and screaming, I couldn't get out
The teeth gashed through me the little girl's they surely were,
'and only when i scream
people heard me'

[Stanza 3, duplication]
The tragic women, the mistake she was making
The injured head, the thoughts she was hearing
Oh me, oh my
The strawberry fields, where she kills the fruit
The red turn to black, the seeds are no longer good
for reproducing
Oh me, oh my
What happened today?
She stole the insanity of me and locked me in a paradox
Where I can never get out.
I keep forgetting
the last crystal step of the staircase
was a trap.

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