Oct 29, 2009

Imbecilic Paper Cut-Outs (New Book)

Ruth, sorry, I still like abilities. Though this one will be WAY more calmer. Don't worry, its not gonna be a soap drama either. Here it goes.
Okay the book is called Imbecilic Paper Cut-Outs, and I'm pretty sure you'll find out why later.

Imbecilic Paper Cut-Outs
Imbecilic Paper Cut-Outs
                I ran away from home because I was sick of my parents telling me what to do. Study for the SATs? Seriously? I’m only in my sophomore year. Everybody knows me as the procrastinator for a reason. I don’t care about school? What’s the answer to life? Nobody knows! I guess you have to ask what was the question again? Anyways, I just feel like crap today. I was yelled at for being too “questioning” of my parent’s “authority.” Despite the fact that my parents are both working for the government of this small city of Cupertino, I really think my parents are people who are worthless, and cannot do anything. I really wish that I can just hop to another family. I have had enough. Now I know what you’re thinking, this bratty kid wants everything to be perfect. I am not a perfectionist; I am just a simple 15 year old boy who thinks he is lost in this world. This paradox of money, fortune and success really makes me irritated. I wish I can just leave this city. My clique at school is just a bunch of nerds thrown together and I just have to wait for them to stop talking about online games. I guess my life is below average, I mean there are some ups in my life. Hmmm, I’m grateful for my bed, my blankets, my backpack, actually, don’t these things come with family package? My parents are jerks. I ran away today, but I want to be out for too long. I mean I still care about my grades but seriously, failing isn’t that important. School doesn’t really reflect how smart you are; one of my friends told me. Now if ever my friends make a remark about school, specifically on how it is not really needed, I repeat it to my parents. I guess I’m the kind of person who wants to reproach someone for things they can’t change. Am I also a jerk like my parents? No, I can’t be. Wait, what?
                Anyways I ran away to the park nearby. I love the crispy coolness of the shivers sent down my spine in fall. Not to cold, not to hot either. In fact, I think that the park is an amazing place to run away to. I live near one so it doesn’t matter. The park is called Square One Park I think. I still don’t know why. I wearily sat down on one of the benches and focused on what happened at school today. Nothing. Like always. If there was just one speck of interestingness in my life, I’d spam it on my friend’s walls on Facebook. But wait, they don’t have one because they want to do well in school. My life’s all a mess, and I’m too lazy to clean it up. Actually, I retract my previous statement. I am willing to clean it up, but it will be messy in a week again. Now I could be popular by the clothes I wore or the amount of sports I play, but I choose not to. Why? I just think that there is more in life than to be popular. The green bench I now noticed wobbled a lot and I turned my back around to see why. I looked over only to see a girl doing the same thing that I just did, ponder about things. I decided to be friendly and asked, “Hey, are you alright?” And as soon as she turned her head, her warm smile captivated me.
                He is an odd boy. Why did he bother saying “Hi” to me? Hmmm, I guess I should just be friendly. Go on Jessica, play along, start small talking, then end with the usual, I need to use the bathroom excuse. I started speaking, “Yeah, you?” He replied with a sad face, and that really made me sad. He was pretty cute I guess, he had a spiky asymmetrical hair which I thought was funny. His tan skin offset his bad hair to make him look pretty scary and bad. He seems friendly enough. “I’m doing fine, rough life isn’t it?”
                I was in total agreement with him, and I saw where he was coming from, and so I added, “Gee, I totally agree. By the way, I’m Jessica.” The boy looked at me and said, “Kenneth.” We shook hands, and I felt a total sugar rush, either that or I had been awakened. I was glad to meet him and continued, “My family, oh my goodness, fights every day, this and that. It’s boring. My family is like speaking different languages, I speak English, and some French, Spanish, Japanese, and such, yet, they speak Burmese, and well, different languages!” I let it all out, ranted him about my family. His spiky hair distracted me once in awhile and also the price tag on his clothing, 67 smackers for a crappy brand name sweatshirt. Not worth it. He then started, “You’re in like in the same exact situation that I’m in. Cool.” Kenneth smiled and I couldn’t help but notice I made a friend today.
                “Earthquake?” Jessica and I panicked as we hid under the table. The table was sturdy, yet I didn’t think that it would be strapping enough to keep down, so I grabbed her hand and dashed out into the open. I could tell Jessica was frightened as she yelled at me to let her go. I felt like I was older than her, and I should take full responsibility of other people especially girls. We ran into a green pasture and then I saw the culprit of the earthquake. It was actually a man who was controlling the earth. I thought I was seeing things again, and I asked Jessica, “Hey do you see a,” Jessica, already staring at the mysterious man coming down said, “Yeah, what is he doing?”  Are we insane? But no, I wasn’t mistaken. Though he was far away, I saw him open his hand, his palm facing up, and then made a fist and punched the air. Suddenly, all of the park benches crumbled and a crack in the Earth made it obvious he was inhumane. I felt challenged, and compelled to tell him to stop, yet, I decided not to. “Run!” I pushed Jessica down the hill we were going down, and I think the man saw us run.
                Kenneth is a good guy, but I think he already thinks he has control over me. But anyways, why is that man trying to destroy the park? This world is just downright depressing. I felt so tired already, I was wearing jeans and a polo. Converse shoes are also really annoying to run in, so I told him, “We don’t have to run, we just need to sneak out of the park!”
                It wasn’t Kenneth who replied, but around us, I am pretty sure that it was my imagination, but I noticed somebody said, “I think your underestimating us.” “Who are you?” Kenneth swung his arm into his pocket and dug out a sharp knife. He almost slashed me, so I got furious, but I decided to keep it in till this madness was over. Time to step back into reality, “Who are you?” I repeated Kenneth’s question and I said, “Where are you?” We stood under the shade of five large palm trees and we heard an extremely horrible giggle, “Right behind you,” and I had no idea who “you” was, but I have a bad feeling..
                I lunged towards Jessica, implanting my knife at the mysterious woman who had long brown hair all tied back. She wore a black spandex suit, and she looked like one of those girl spies in movies. As I lunged at her, she suddenly disappeared and she yelled, “You crazy boy, I’m going to punish you!” She sounded really seductive and that got on my nerves. I just started swinging my knife crazily around me and came back to my fighting stance when Jessica yelled, “Dude, above your head!” I felt a strong wind as I hurried away from the spot I was and looked up only to see a sharp stick that was about to implant me. A few cuss words came out of nowhere, and the invisible girl just lay on the ground. She turned visible, and I approached her, and told her, “That was dangerous, what are you trying to do?” The girl grunted, “Kill you.” She swung the stick at me like a scared and then her eyes shifted from glaring me down to looking at Jessica. “You…” The agent girl ran towards Jessica, and turned invisible and tried to stab her, but Jessica ran towards my direction, and I saw where the girl went. Her stick gave it away. She was running behind Jessica, and luckily, I ran to her and pushed her away. Angry thoughts and adrenalin filled my mind. I didn’t know what happened, yet all I knew was that I saved Jessica. Jessica recovered and looked at the girl who was lying on the ground. “What are you doing… what?” Suddenly, all of the girl’s bones looked like they became soft flowing water jellies and she became squishy. The girl was dead, all her bones had disappeared, and I took a closer look. “What happened?”
                What a weird girl. First she is a normal human and then she’s a pile of skin, muscle, and organs. I guess that she was like a robot who was supposed to melt, but it doesn’t seem like it. She has real skin, and such. Then I gasped, “Kenneth, did you kill her?” Kenneth looked at me, “With a push?” He smirked and said, “What did you do?”
                ME? I repeated that out loud. “I didn’t touch her, however you did.” I screamed at him, backing off to make sure he wouldn’t do the same to me. “Yes Jessica, I just took all her bones because I was jealous of them. In fact…” he stopped as I glared him down. “How old are you?” I spewed. He crossed his arms, “15 shorty. Respect your…” “I’m 18” I triumphantly told him as he looked downwards, avoiding my glaredown, “but listen to me. Did you kill her?”
                “No.” He answered concisely and mimicked my naggy voice. I saw that a man was approaching us, and he was the same man who was controlling the earth. “Who are you?” I yelled. He only smirked. His hair was in a messy afro and he wore an old raggedy shirt that looked like a tae kwon do uniform. It was yellow though, worn, and had stains on it. He was taller than both Kenneth and I. I told him to run, and dragged Kenneth with me, and suddenly, we were enclosed by three gigantic walls. Made of pure stone, they looked like they were impossible to get out of. And so suddenly, I thought I need to save the boy. He was mediocre, yet he was really nice, so I told the man, “Stay away. We don’t want trouble.”
                As soon as the man opened his lips, the ground started to shake. “I don’t want trouble. I want your powers.” He rushed towards me, and suddenly, I just wimped out. I covered my face with my two of my hands and I screamed, yet nothing ever hit me.
                I fell down with a great tumble and the man tried to kill me. His fists turned into stone, and he beat me, and I felt so many burns, and the feeling of blood tricking down my face, until I realized that I had that feeling again. The adrenalin feeling, and I soon put my hands on him. This time I felt it, I felt his bones. They were dissolving, and the man was screaming I let go of him, and he was half dead already. I looked at him, and put my hands on the dying man, who now was laying prostrate on the ground. I asked, “You kay?” I saw his bones. Paper thin bones, and it was almost as if I had x-ray vision. I just wanted to test if I was seeing things, and stepped on his arms. Two bones cracked and I stepped back and gave a shriek. “Jessica come here,” and I as I turned to look at Jessica, she was no longer opaque, but a transparent figure. “Um… Jessica?”

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