Oct 28, 2009

Graphire 4.5

It's like etching the figures in your dream. :D
Display: (the prettier ones are made by Ruth)

Display 1: A telekasylph in human form cautions himself from Rusario the  Bringer of Peace. The telekasylph uses telekenesis to form daggers from the opal around him and threatens Rusario. Being cautioned by the telekasylph's move, he withdraws his sword, waiting for the epic skirmish to begin, ;D

Display 2: Its about sunrise in the village of Hitomoshi. As the sun rises, the devil of weather creeps out of the crevices of the village. She brings great distress with thunderclouds and such. Angeliceen, the bringer of dark aurora sweeps the village with a musty odor and heavy dark clouds. Swistane, builds ice crystals and kills people who dare enter.

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