Oct 18, 2009

Answered: YAY FOR HUGS

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♥◘§: ruth

Ruth Zhang is online.
♥◘§: :)

Ruth: hi

♥◘§: are you there?
can you help me answer that question

Ruth: can you not have music play automatically?

♥◘§: hmmm
to lazy to change
i'll try

Ruth: well
ezekiel was told to prophesy
this is what he saw
i think it's quite possible

♥◘§: really?
something with eye all over it
just seems disgusting

Ruth: and horror movies and apocalypse movies try to imitate the terror that it'll bring
and awe
they twist it though
and fail
just htink
if God can create animals
like platypi

♥◘§: ohhhh

Ruth: and giraffes
and blue whales
and spiders have tons of eyes
so why can't this thing?

♥◘§: truetrue

Ruth: so yeah
it's certianly nothing we've ever seen

♥◘§: hmmmmmm that's odd tho

Ruth: but God does unexpected things

♥◘§: wiat so god just made that to prove a point?

Ruth: i don't thinkso

♥◘§: o__o

Ruth: where does it say that he destroyed them?

♥◘§: at the end

Ruth: where

♥◘§: wait
i think
i read wrong

Ruth: yeah

♥◘§: :(

Ruth: because
ther'es been speculation
not proven or referenced in the bible
that each of these is like an aspect of god
or the son of man
the lion is majesty
the ox is humility/hardworking
the man is the human nature of jesus

♥◘§: ohhhhhh

Ruth: gah i can't remember

♥◘§: haha

Ruth: but if you look at some study bibles

♥◘§: wait what happened to it then?
did it just leave

Ruth: no
it's just there
then ezek's pov changes

♥◘§: ohhhhhhh
thanks ruth

Ruth: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+4&version=NIV
there's something LIKE it
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