Oct 13, 2009

sorry about not updating

Anyways, today at CA, there was a less serious typhoon which hit as a direct result of the typhoon at Japan. It's not raining right now, though I enjoy the rain. >< Okay, something things I wanna shaaree :] I GOT TO TALK TO ELENA! YAYYYY. and I met ANN :D School life, everybody was crowded at the pavillion, and nobody did anything really. OWELL. Anyways, I'm gonna start praying regulaurly. I don't know why I stopped, i didn't feel the enrgy to read the bible lately, :/ Idunno why. I know I ought to. pray for me to stay spiritual :D

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  1. I will pray for you!! :)) Yay for getting to talk to people! Whee


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