Oct 15, 2009

Popularity Rant

Today, I did wrong. I tried to be mean to somebody. I'm sorry to that person. I commented on how hoggy this person was. But seriously, this person's retaliation really upset me. This is what that person says (Let's call this person Anon). "At least I'm Popular!" Okay, seriously. That's all you have! If that's your response to everything in life, that's the only way your gonna get your way. Seriously, all I said that Anon was fat. And I know, that was so stupid. Really Really stupid and very immature. Well, that's not really what happened, but anyways stop getting sidetracked... Anyways, following her statement where she said she was popular, I was really confused. She think being popular will make a DIFFERENCE? Hey, when your in college, will that really matter? How bout life? Popular only means your clique likes to do very showoff things. Starting again, I wanted to say something like, "Really Anon. You need to grow up, being popular doesn't make a difference. AT ALL. Seriously try to grow up. Not everybody in this world will adore you. Just because you get your clothes from a theater doesn't mean that you are so cool." and just walk away. But no, I just wanted to define what "popularity" meant to the majority of Kennedy. "Popularity is a group of insecure people who need to attract attention, and it was only made to make some students happy." And to be truthful, that was a really legit answer to Anon's statement. Now, I rememeber that I started this mess, so I should like wrap it up. I was just gonna say sorry for being such a mouthful person, but she goes onto say this: "Why don't you tell that to Anon2?" Okay, Anon2 is my friend and I really think that he is a good person *wink*wink* haha. No really, anyways I tell Anon2 this and he totally agrees. And I tell Anon what Anon2 says, and how he totally agrees. Okay, and Anon continues, "Well then see Popularity doesn't exsist!" WHAT THE HECK IS ANON THINKING? Anon's point is? Just saying, I am ashamed at what I said, that was TOTALLY uncalled for, but seriously, what is she trying to do? If she's trying to make even worse, Anon totally failed. Even my friend who told Anon what I said thought that this person was not thinking straight. If you were to mad to think straight, stop talking. I know it was me who started this, and I'm saddened by that fact, but seriously, Popularity has TOTALLY brainwashed Anon's head. It is just so sad that a person with that much capability has been eaten by this thing called Popularity where she thinks she's on another level, higher than everyone else. That's just really terrible. Okay, I need to think this through. Please tell me what you think. Thanks.


  1. omigee D: i agree
    but the label 'popular' is veryvery different from the actual description of 'popular' if you were actually popular a lot of people would know and probably respect you, whereas the label 'popular' is pretty much 'i'm above you'. the label popular is just an illusion to the people who use it8D

    and i dunno if i'm making sense:3

  2. it's k!!! everyone makes mistakes. ya my bro says there's is no such thing as popular, or if you do it means a lot of people like you because you are kind and caring so everyone knows you :D

  3. i totallly agreee popular ppl are stupid

  4. Hey, could you make the backround some other color? I know the splatter looks cool and all but it makes the text incredibly hard to read when it's right over the white spots

    -Peter from HOC5

  5. i think anon is very insecure. shes being foolish because she doesnt have anything else to hold on to and to place her worth in. love her, leon. :]


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