Oct 23, 2009

Leon, why are you so grumpy?

i don't feel like posting. i really don't feel like doing anything. i just need to be alone for a few days. I don't want to talk either. I really don't feel to thinking and i just want to be lonely. sometimes i need space. sometimes i am really sensitive about the littlest things that happen. the first cut is not always the deepest. i really feels like being persecuted the first time is a sad experience. but there is much more that goes on with that. i'll tell you what is it like. being persecuted is a cloud. now the cloud is going to rain down and dissappear, yet form a cloud again in the near future. But, what if, more clouds join the cloud, and forms a big cloud. the rain could last forever. i hope not. i just wish i had someone that i can hug right now. Kevin's right. why am i such a nobrained person, of course i need to be loved. am i doubting God? no but i am believing that i will get used to this soon. if you really want to make fun of me, be mean to me, pick on me, yell at me for mistreating you, pointing out every sin i make, now is the time. its fine, i experience at school. my stomach hurts. i need take my meds probably. i'm seeing things again.trying to start a cheerful conversation is a bad idea probably.


  1. May what God had me go through and had me write help you, brother.


  2. really sorry for you know, the whole "that's a sin!" thing :/
    I was just joking, sorry if you took it seriously, hope you feel better Leon :D


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